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for Summer Vacation: Happily Ever After

6/18 c1 RheaLeigh
I have just finished re reading this story again and would really love to know a few things. Does Emmett & Rose get Ava or Tristan? Which 3 kids do Bella and Edward have? What do Dallas & Kel have? Do Jasper and Maria end up together? How does the moving go? I hope everything is okay and you’re just way too busy. But I hope one day you finish this story or maybe just a message with some of the answers to my questions
5/12 c359 smriti24
Hi hope everything is fine with you
I hope you haven’t abandoned this story
Please update
5/5 c359 Guest
It has been years and still no update. so sad that you dont finish this story.
4/13 c359 3JRFaab
I really miss these two. They give me a break from real life.
3/10 c359 QueenElsaSalvatore
I can't wait until you update this story ... I love reading it
2/19 c359 Guest
Please update the story .
10/25/2023 c359 xAngelGreyx
We are still waiting for you to continue with this story. Any idea when you will post the next story ? If you dont feel like you are going to end it properly, at least you could post an authors note and tell us about it.
10/20/2023 c359 Rome4
I have read this series several times. I really hope you come back and finish this. you've put so much time, effort, and imagination into these stories. I beg you, please finish. thank you so much for all you've shared .
9/24/2023 c359 Layla
love this series have been reading since you first started this series.I have read and re-read this series over and over its my comfort and praying that you finish as i cant wait to see bella and edward finally get their version of happily ever after.
9/9/2023 c359 brooke.lackey1
Love this story. I hope there’s more soon.
8/10/2023 c359 Guest
are you ever goping to update this story ? it has been years this this chapter was posted. fingers crossed that one day there will be a new chapter and that you are updating regulary again.
5/24/2023 c1 stillreadingtwilight
Hope you’ll come back to this eventually. I miss your Edward and Bella so much
5/20/2023 c359 Guest
Pleaseeeeeeeeeee finish this story. I wanna know how Carlisle and Esme trip go? I wanna know how this trip goes with Angela and Ben? I wanna know about what the gender of Emmett and roses baby is! I wanna know how the move to the new townhouse goes. Is there gonna be any future outtakes of this story, it’s no fair to leave us hanging for this long! Gahhhh
4/3/2023 c359 Alicia Janae Alexander
When are you going to update this book
12/2/2022 c359 Guest
Are you by chance going to update this story anytime soon ? however you could at least post a note whether there will be a new chapter or not.
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