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7/28/2014 c1 Ivywind
Huh. This stuff is useful.
7/17/2014 c2 The Venom Symbiote
I just had a quick question,is the suffix spirit ok?
also, no offense,but there is no reason why a cat would not know what an angel is. We are humans,incapable of a single thought that a cat- or any other animal would know what an angel is. I am not trying to insult your Warriors guide,but this is just a pointer ;)
Allah created all of us; the cats would know a few things. We humans would not have the faintest idea of what a bomb was ifit hadn't been invented :3
I like your guide, I just am kinds critical sometimes
7/17/2014 c1 The Venom Symbiote
Nice. I read up on cats,so it's not a big problem for me though.
just a quick warning- this is not story content and therefore can be reported. You can post this as a topic on a forum, like my forum,PineClan. :3
7/13/2014 c2 9Snowfeather4876
Ummm... I didn't know about sun! I mean, I don't know that the Erins ever mentioned it! i mean there was a Sunstar (leader before Bluestar) but, then again, Bluestar's mother was called Moonflower. Still, the Erins confirmed that 'Moon' is a sacred prefix, but I didn't know about Sun!
7/13/2014 c5 Snowfeather4876
Tigerstar was going to be named Hammerclaw, Ferncloud's dead kits were Hollykit, Larchkit and (I think) Shrewpaw. And Tallstar was Talltail, Onestar was Onewhisker, Bluestar was Bluefur, Leopardstar was Leopardfur, Blackstar was Blackfoot and Raggedstar was Raggedpelt! And, in answer to last chapter, Mothwing and Hawkfrost's brother was Tadpole, Firestar and Scourge are half brothers, as they share the same father, Jake, and Firestar was known as Rusty and his friend was called Smudge! Oh and, by the way, I am loving this guide! It's really informative (although I don't think that I have created a kitty-sue so far!)
6/16/2014 c5 5Spirit of Light and Darkness
#1 - Idk, but now I'm curious!
#2 - Shrewpaw, Hollykit the first, and Larchkit
#3 - Talltail, Onewhisker, Bluefur, Leopardfur, Blackfoot and Raggedpelt.
6/16/2014 c4 Spirit of Light and Darkness

#1 - ... Tadpole! (okay fine, I looked it up.)
#2 - Firestar is kin with multiple cats :P. Let's see... Jake - father, Princess - sister, Cloudtail - nephew, Scourge - half-brother on father's side, Leafpool - daughter, Squirrelflight - daughter, Lionblaze - grandson, Hollyleaf - granddaughter, Jayfeather - grandson... yeah, you really need to be more specific. I'm guessing you meant Scourge?
#3 - Rusty and Smudge.
5/25/2014 c1 CindyTheAnimeBunny5829
Yes, I know most of this, but I do agree that people are vary stupid when it comes to making characters for the warriors series. No, cats do not get blue or purple fur. You can however have something like BlueStar's blue-gray pelt. No, cats do not have silver or pink, or purple eyes ether. Though I'll have to say my cat does indeed have gray eyes, thank you vary much. But other then that the only thing I have to say is birthmarks on cats are rare but not unheard of. Sadly these are usually misshaped and never perfect.
5/10/2014 c1 Savannah-the-Caracal
thanks, you have great tips!
5/10/2014 c5 Savannah-the-Caracal
Talltail, Onewhisker, Bluefur, Leapordfur, Blackfoot, Raggedpelt.
4/20/2014 c5 1amberleafisfantastic
1. hammerclaw i think
larchkit and hollykit
3. tallstar-talltail onestar-onewhisker bluestar-bluefur leopardstar-leopardfur blackstar-blackfoot raggedstar-raggedpelt
4/12/2014 c5 Guest
Shrewpaw, Larchkit, and Hollykit.
Talltail. Onewhisker. Bluefur. Leopardfur. Blackfoot. Raggedpelt.
4/12/2014 c4 Guest
Tadpole, I think.
Scourge, they both shared Jake ad a father.
Rusty and Smudge.
4/12/2014 c3 Guest
That can be SO hurtful to poor xdarkrosex. And COME ON! People can make a mary-sue IF THEY WANT.
4/12/2014 c2 Guest
WHOA... You have NO RIGHT to say what we can name our cats.
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