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4/12/2014 c1 Guest
Party Pooper...
4/2/2014 c5 2Spiderfang of ShadowClan
Trivia 2: 1. Hammerclaw (really?) 2. Hollykit, Larchkit and Shrewpaw. (First 2, starvation, Shrewpaw, hit by monster.) 3. Talltail, Onewhisker, Bluefur, Leapordfur, Blackfoot and Raggedfur!
3/26/2014 c3 Savannah-the-Caracal
Name: Ivydawn

Description: a light brown she-cat with a white tail tip, and white paws.

Personality: Fiesty
Age: 15 moons

Rank: Deputy

History: When Icedawn was a kit, Jayfeather revived a prophecy, telling how she and her sister would create two new clans. And those new clans would drive away the cats greatest enemy

Family: Ivypool(mom) Windstorm (dad) Vinetail (sis)

Likes: being with her sister

Dislikes: Being away from Vinetail, eating medicine (yuck)

Part in book: main character (one of them anyway)
3/26/2014 c2 Savannah-the-Caracal
What abou the suffix -dawn? As in
3/26/2014 c1 40PikaBolt101
Actually, I think grey eyes are possible. They might be really pale blue or something, but I think it can be grey. :/ But correct me if I'm wrong.
3/26/2014 c5 Guest
Please countinue
3/25/2014 c2 Skylark
Just wondering is it ok to have a cat who is ginger with a white splotches on their coat and blue eyes, named rosewind and is a fast runner? Sorry I don't have vm, but I have an email, if you want to
3/22/2014 c5 6Fastblaze789
1. Tigerclaw was going to be originally Hammerclaw, but they changed it 'cause cats don't know what a hammer is.
2. They were Hollykit, Larkkit and Birchkit (who would become Birchfall).
3. Tallstar: Talltail; Onestar: Onewhisker; Bluestar: Bluefur; Leopardstar: Leopardfur; Blackstar: Blackfoot and Raggedstar: Raggedpelt.
3/22/2014 c5 Kikidusk
Trivia Question 1 Tigerclaw was origanally Hammerclaw
Trivia Question 2 Hollykit, Larchkit, and Shrewpaw
Trivia Question 3 Talltail, Onewhisker, Bluefur, Leopardfur, Blackfoot, and Raggedpelt.
3/22/2014 c5 Leopardbreath
His name was originally Hammerclaw.
The kits were Larchkit, Hollykit, and Shrewpaw.
Tallstar: Talltail
Onestar: Onewhisker
Bluestar: Bluefur
Leopardstar: Leopardfur
Blackstar: Blackfoot
Raggedstar: Raggedpelt
3/22/2014 c2 Leopardbreath
I know what you mean about the whole first warrior name thing. My first Warriors fanfiction, that I wrote in fourth grade, starred… Dirtpaw! (I temporarily forgot what cats call dirt…)
3/22/2014 c1 Leopardbreath
I just realized something. Redtail, in the Into The Wild allegiances, his description is:
Tortoiseshell tom with a distinctive ginger tail.
I looked it up, and tortoiseshell toms are rare and infertile, but I then realized something else:
How is that even possible? The Erins have messed up big time.
3/15/2014 c5 40QueenOfChocolateWinx

Shrewpaw, Larchkit and Hollykiy

Talltail, Onewhisker, Bluefur, Leopardfur, Blackfoot and Raggedpelt
3/9/2014 c5 2RagingContent
This is a good guide, and I think I know what you should add next: How history and personality fit together; for example, a cat who's had a few close people die in their life, wouldn't be happy and cheery. That's the gist.
The trivia for this chapter:
Tigerclaw was originally going to be named Hammerclaw. I believe Tigerclaw sounds better.
Ferncloud's three kits who died were Hollykit and Larchkit (who died from starvation) and Shrewpaw (who was hit by a twoleg monster whilst going after a pheasant.
Their warrior names were Talltail, Onewhisker, Bluefur, Leopardfur, Blackfoot and Raggedpelt.
3/9/2014 c5 the8
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