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3/2/2014 c1 Guest
Silver and grey eyes are possible. I have two cats and one of them has grey eyes
3/2/2014 c5 8Fractals Parade
Shrewpaw, Hollykit, Larchkit
Talltail, Onewhisker, Bluefur,Leopardfur, Blackfoot, Raggedpelt.
3/2/2014 c2 thatrandomgirl123
There is Sunfall in the warrior's series and he was even Sunstar and Sunstrike was a warrior of Windclan in the warrior's series as well.
3/2/2014 c1 3Once Upon a Whispered Song
My aunt has a cat with violet eyes... Otherwise, very good.
3/2/2014 c2 Pineclaw
This is really helpful thank you. Going to look over my characters now.

2/24/2014 c1 llFullForcell
Cats cannot vomit. Please edit this. It is utterly annoying when cats vomit to get rid of a hairball, yet I know that isnt possible. TYIA.
2/22/2014 c4 IcyStorms
1. Toad
2. Scourge; he is his half brother
; his friend was Smudge
Lobe the story by the way. I find these things funny
2/22/2014 c4 Anon
Hawk and Moth's brother was Tadpole, a tom.
Scourge is Firestar's half-brother.
Rusty was Fire's kittypet name, Smudge was his friend.
2/22/2014 c4 Mooshroom
Hawkfrost and mothwing's brother is tadpole , surige is firestars kin cause Jake is their dad and firestars kittypet name is rusty and his frend is smudge
2/22/2014 c3 3Waffle the Badger
for chap 4 is it scourge is his half-brother?
2/22/2014 c4 2HakaishinChampa
Scourge - Becuase they share they same Father but not the Same Mother
Rusty and Smudge
2/22/2014 c2 HakaishinChampa
2/22/2014 c4 14Feather That Falls From Crow
For 2. Cloudtail works however Firestar is related to another cat, they were imporant in the first arc, who was it?
2/22/2014 c4 3Waffle the Badger
Cloudtail is Firestar's nephew!
Rusty and Smudge!
2/22/2014 c4 3Snow on Abbey Road
Very informational I'm sure a lot of people can learn from this
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