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for Between Us, Rings

7/21 c1 Guest
...is this technically beastiality
5/5 c127 ScarlettRarity
I read this story from the first chapter to here since last week and I must say...I absolutely love it! Left me craving for more each time I read it. I love the way Lilo and Stitch are together and how everything happened with them whether it be friends or enemies or day to day life. And I love Mertles change as well. To be honest I thought she would be like Lilo and fall for an alien, being ironic. But I love it nonetheless. Keep up the good work and I eagerly await the updated chapters! Be safe out there.
4/19 c128 protecter
Thank you for coming back this story is without a doubt my favorite so keep up the good work
4/17 c128 Guest
Forgot my login info will reset in the future but the last guest comment and this one are from red the mage.
4/17 c128 Guest
Welcome back chief
4/17 c128 1mlpserenity
All good bro. I never rush a good story. Bummer about the partner leaving, but to see ya bouncing back. Look forward to more from you on this story.
4/17 c128 ElementsOfVariousStuff
Well, this is a pleasant and unexpected surprise!

Lokking forward to new chapters. That said, take you time and thank you.

Now I gotta re-read 400k words... Gonna be a busy weekend.
4/17 c128 threedeetraveler
glad to see your okay my guy. was seriously worried. no worries though we got your back so take your time.
4/17 c128 51Heartless demon wolf
Its great to see you again old friend. Contact me so we could talk. Been forever.
2/24 c21 Crystal Brink1
I love this I wish I was lilo sometimes so I could be wih stitch!
6/4/2019 c127 1KwJGames
I never get tired of this story. And Michael has told me he's still got big plans for this story. I hope he sees that people still want more of his story as I know he still reads the reviews. If anyone wants some art of the characters in Between Us check out my insta: stitchsanders. Cant wait for chapter 128
11/21/2018 c127 Guest
So it has been so damned long since I’ve seen an update for this...

So I would believe it’s safe to assume it’s been discontinued without reason then...
10/22/2018 c127 Midnight0115
Is he going to update or is this forever discontinued
10/15/2018 c127 Midnight0115
I hope you update soon !
8/27/2018 c16 Puro the Dark Latex
I think a really fascinating thing to do would be to have lilo turn into something akin to stitch
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