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for what I think of critics

10/24/2014 c1 34Netbug009
...but this isn't a "real story" either and doesn't have to do with the show.
8/13/2014 c1 For Reporting Purposes
Please delete this. It's not a story and this is not dreamwidth.

You have been reported.
7/21/2014 c1 Mickey The Luxray
You know, liking something a critic panned doesn't mean the critic is wrong.

It just indicates that the critic has different tastes to you. How can that be disproven? Short answer: it can't.

Likewise, posting a non-story to complain about review shows being non-stories is NOT helping your argument. It only makes you look like a moron.

If you seriously wanted to post something on this, do it in the forums, not the archives.
7/4/2014 c1 Nameless shadow
I'm gonna tell all you people something right now and people need to listen! FUCK Critics! They don't have an idea what their talking about! Ignore them there not worth it...
2/25/2014 c1 Patrick Henry
We can, under law, only be critiqued by our representatives. We have no representatives in the Critic Parliament. So how can they critique us? It is simple; they cannot! The Critic Act is against the law! Jamie Skyland is a tyrant, and an enemy of her own people!
2/25/2014 c1 GAMEFREAK569
I don't really care
2/23/2014 c1 existforreasons
(ATTENTION) The paragraph further down possibly lacks capitalization, necessary commas and apostrophes because fuck you. (ATTENTION)

you wanna help authors? then post in the reviews and not in the fucking archives. thats every critics major flaw here. you guys post in the archive and clog it up when all of you know fully well that the review inbox exists. apparently it has been long forgotten in the dark corner and is now covered in ancient dust. seriously whats so fucking hard with that simple task? you, terrence, what is preventing you from posting in the reviews? why do you keep posting in the damn story archive all the time?
2/25/2014 c1 24tom fetherhill
True and not true. Hard to explain. Nevertheless, I don't care.
2/24/2014 c1 1BurnHaloz
Ok, I don't know if your 1st grade teacher taught you this, but the first letter of the words that begin sentences should be always be capitalized. And the first letter of each word in your title should as well: What I Think of Critics. Or as it should be named: My Ignorant and Irrelevant Opinion on Critics. Ignoramuses are almost as bad as hypocrites, such as yourself. You're Welcome.
2/23/2014 c1 8Jamie Skyland
Funny, kind of like people of you since you cramp space for stories and updates, you dumb fuck. How about watch what you say since you're a fucking hypocrite.
2/23/2014 c1 5Venom's Cross
Critics are here to show people what to improve upon. It's not that they're calling people out, they just want to help.
2/23/2014 c1 14Terrence Orson
Honestly, this was a waste of time; plus, critics' words are worth listening to.
2/23/2014 c1 15LionLover23
You make a good point.

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