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10/6/2014 c5 Mina
I feel "bad" for Natsu but... He was a jerk soo yeah. Love your story though I can't wait till Gray comes in!
10/4/2014 c5 Numinous-alqua
Haha! Too cute! Love the update. The way you're telling the story always cracks me up. Especially mrs. Lopez. Hahha
10/4/2014 c5 Bf142128
Natsu's been pissing me of for a while in this story. And she was right. He doesn't care. She needs someone who does.
10/4/2014 c5 LucretiaKonwrath
This made me cry.
Update soon.
5/20/2014 c3 8Numinous-Alqua
Lol I love how you have the story coming from IMs and journals it's really cool. You really get behind the character and I like that. Keep it up!
5/6/2014 c2 5bf142128
Oh Please Update! I've already fallen in love with this AU and it'd be a travesty if it just got abandoned.
2/25/2014 c1 5MikeyStar
I really like it :) Keep up with the good work and update soon :)

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