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for Feel with your heart (continued)

7/18/2014 c4 Athracius
It's been a while! I just read the updates. They're cool, a bit short and confusing but it adds to the suspense. I hope to see more of it. Btw do you put your stories in ao3?

Thanks and keep writing . great job :D
7/17/2014 c4 Guest
WOW you are still there :) :D
anyway welcome back :)
a short chapter but still a good start to continue
keep up the good work
looking forward to a longer chapter
7/16/2014 c4 BlacKaZeBlue

7/15/2014 c4 ben4kevin
fxcking sara I dispise her.
7/15/2014 c4 3KanameZero4Eva
Noo Aidou! *Cries hysterically* this is not fair. Gahhhh your always messing with my heart. Ahh I hope kaname has a plan to sabotage Sara. So nerve-wracking. *Bites my nails anxiously* please update asap. But on a side note, the kiryuu line will continue with Maria carrying ichirus baby. Yay for that.
7/15/2014 c4 jrobinson72
More, more, more, more & more! Aido's dead, not fair. At least Akatsuki's still kicking. Never liked Ruka or Yuki for that matter. Kaname needs to fix this cause it's killing Zero! Sara needs to die in the most gruesome fashion possible. Still have hard time seeing Takuma as bad Guy, but there you have it. Does he change sides again in the end? He can't remain evil...
7/15/2014 c4 8irmina
Glad you updated. I am happy that Zero still trusts Kaname, That he wouldn't do the things he had done with Sara willingly. But I am afraid one day Zero will be disappointed when Kaname shows up with Sara. But I still hope when the final war comes Sara will be killed and truth is revealed and Kaname and Zero are going back together.

I am looking forward for Yuki to bring his son to Zero, so Zero will know that Kaname doesn't have a child with Sara.

Poor Aido and Kain. I hop Kain will meet Zero safely and will be able to tell him what he needs to tell.

And I really hope Takuma will be killed. Why does he want Zero for himself?

I really hope Kaname and Zero will get back together and finally be happy.
7/8/2014 c3 EvansBlue
Wait wait wait... your last post was on the 16th of April... why isn't this finished?
6/6/2014 c1 guest
hey there, so you are a sucker for reviews... so i will leave you one. i like your story alot. in the beginning i had problems with your writing style, you know with all the grammar mistakes, but your story is soooo intense that i just had to keep on reading. i always wonder how you manage to surprise me with every chapter again. when i think "oh my god, they have reached the deepest pain and deepest sorrow" you create a twist in the story and it gets worse. but i like that. i hope you continue this story. i hope you keep writing in generell because your style is special, i read alot on ff and no-one
writes as angsty and twisted as you.
5/13/2014 c3 irmina
Sweet feedback of Kaname and Zero.
Oh Takuma is pure evil! So many lies! I don't believe Kaname killed the other wives, I hope Zero wont believe either.
And with Kazuki being the son of Kaname and Sara, I hope Zero will investigate. Kaname has always loved him, endured and sacrificed so much for him, he couldn't just change like that. Zero should suspect something. If Kaname is happy while holding the baby it is because the baby is Zero's. Of course the baby will have his hair, because Yuki has the same hair color.

I hope Zero can get Kaname back, the truth will come out. Please please... let it be happy ending for Kaname and Zero
5/2/2014 c3 Herc-Ran
Sorry for the late review but I loved this chapter u have shown kaname and zeero's relation beautifully :-) 3 looking for your next update
4/28/2014 c3 kanaeee
Uh Oh ! Kaname you got busted dude *bites my lower lip* I wonder whats her real motive by keeping Kaname alive and how she is going to benefit from it , though I didn't see that coming wow Sara chan is making a good and vicious villain in this story as well as Takuma , imagine if both unite to reach their goal but i don't think that 'll happen seeing how evil Sara is and she wont accept to be betrayed again and then if Takuma fought Sara he might lose the battle . However, I'm glad he took out the nobles though i guess we should have a party don't u think Taku chan *cheers*
Oops! I should feel sad for them but i'm not * hysterical laughs* Ahem, sorry sory o

To speak frankly , I was confused when i first read the beginning then i realized it was the flashback you were talking about which by the way was so bitter & sweet especially KaZe moments. It makes me want to read more. Then i didn't know when the flashbacks end, whereas the story started when Yuuki was giving birth to her child, it took me seconds to figure it out . Yeah there is different by the" italic" letters but i still got confused my dear senpai though it would be great if u at least write" flashbacks" when there is one to read so we readers would understand it more clearly . argghI do hope i make sense of what i'm saying senpai even myself can't understand what am blabbing about plz bear with me .

Back to story, OMG Takuma how could you mess up with Zero's mind and you Zero even starts to believe his lies though i have to admit if i didn't know any better and if i were in ur place in that moment i might believe him too but still i would want to hear it from kaname. I hope u do that Zero and never jump to conclusion . *claps* wow Takuma u never cease to amaze me , you are genius to come up with an explaining like that but you forget there might be witnesses who saw what u did baka and yaay i'm happy to hear Seiren is alive *whispers to her* Keep hiding girl and don't show ur face until i said so cuz as you see the plot is getting more intense and i feel more ansgt coming for Kaname and i don't want you to spoil it now shoo let the author continue with her crazy and lovely plot *kicks Seiren out*

*squeals* that photo Zero seeing is exactly the same background i had it for my desktop what a coincidence senpaii it is my fav one when i read the extra chapter and now you use it in ur story *jumps and hugs senpai tightly* I'm more than delighted to read it and visualize it and you did a good job Gwen senpai *happy dance* I'm soo looking forward for the next , I'm so eager to see what will happen when zero meet again with kaname and the child oh! which reminds me i love the name of the baby it suits him nicely _ Great work as ever senpai and thank you for the lovely update & goodluck *thumps up* .
4/24/2014 c3 Atikah14DC
I've said that your story become so twisted, now it became the more twister than before (is that even a word?)
oh my, I can't warp all of it to my mind. too much time you have been jumped. and the story I can't even understand, I've been more confused. so, please continue this story untill all the misteries came to the front. I hope they're all okay. and I'm so glad Zero and Yuuki's child has came to the story. I hope he can live with Zero.
Excuse the eror, I'm in hurry. :P
continue please :)
4/24/2014 c2 Atikah14DC
I'm sorry I haven't visited this site for long time, so I've just read your story now.
and it seem you like to jumping time to time. I rather confuse when I first read the earlier paragraphs. And finally Zero can meet again with Kaname, but of course you've to make it sad.
And I still don't understand what plan behind Takuma's action. Why now he want to terminate their marriage. Won't it make Zero became vulnurable?
4/20/2014 c3 BlacKaZeBlue
I am so devastated right now.

When I'm so sure it can't get any worse, when I think that these two will finally be able to be together, more shit hits the fan that is their lives.

I hope that when, if, Zero learns of all of this, he will kill Takuma, maybe not kill, but like, I don't know, it just better be painful.

And can I just say that the end, where Takuma is feeding Zero all these lies, and ohmygod, the picture with Kaname and the baby, yeah, it would've hurt less if I was stabbed directly in the heart.

I hope you plan on giving Zero and Kaname the happiness they deserve and soon hopefully...

*By the way, I really liked the flashbacks. They helped to ease all the pain:)
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