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for Feel with your heart (continued)

4/19/2014 c3 Guest
will the flashback continue? I want to see their first time, thank you
4/17/2014 c3 Lovesucks01
Waaa zero please go back save kana me...
4/17/2014 c3 Artemis
Loved the memory, and I would love to see the full lemon of their first time.
Someone please hand me a gun I need to shoot Takuma.
4/17/2014 c3 Kanamezero4eva
Oops...pressed the send button without even finishing my review. Anyways damn, what does sara have planned with Kazuki. So nerve wracking. I hope zero will forgive Kaname abd save him from the bitch sara. Plz update asap
4/17/2014 c3 3KanameZero4Eva
Wait what? Takuma also killed aidou and Kain?! I thought it was just shiki. Damn you Takuma. I don't like you at the moment. Ahhh its driving
4/17/2014 c3 1EnviousBakemono
The plot thickens... Great story well done. I look forward to future chapters.
4/17/2014 c3 Aoi
"Somewhere on the way getting back to each other, they got lost" - This sentence really pierced my heart! It sounds so final... X'C
Please update soon!
4/16/2014 c3 jrobinson72
If ur truly making Takuma the bad guy, and it sux, I sincerely hope he gets his comeuppance in the end. I can't believe he killed the other wives...that's just plain wrong! Will Zero ever get to see his son? I certainly hoprince so...
4/16/2014 c3 ben4kevin
I fxxxing hate sara, but hate even more Zero lost his harem that was my favorite part of this fic.
4/16/2014 c2 XienRue
Thanks for the update! The story is getting more complicated I think. I really wish to see Kaname and Zero reunion soon. Poor Kaname ...
3/31/2014 c2 Lovesucks01
Well i thought was a good idea to make takuma the bad guy here,well this will be a long angsty road for kaname,huhu i feel bad for him,doesnt he get.a little comfort
3/25/2014 c2 jrobinson72
OMG! Takuma killed Shiki, holy crap! Didn't see that unfair, I just can't see him being this cold hearted and ruthless...and what right does he have to dissolve the marriages? That needs to be Zero's decision and Takuma's action are bound to seriously piss him off...
3/25/2014 c2 Herc-Ran
"And then a battle emerges between Aido, Kain and Takuma resulting in zero awakens and saving them all" hehehehehe... bu that doesn't mean that zero wont kill takuma
I hate him now after killing the cute shiki _ T_T
although I can see the possibility of kaname killing him and zero remaining in his slumber clueless as usual

but overall the story is coming to a beautiful ending... I could sense that _

keep up the good work _
3/24/2014 c2 kanaeee
Yush !I'm glad that I can read another update of this story before sleeping , it definitely worth the time to me its like a bed time story since i've got nothing to do ..
I got to say its good to see for once how Kaname turned down Zero's offer he just soo deserve it and i still didn't forget how he treated my Kaname , i hope thats the beginning of his suffering "can't stop grinning _"

As for Takuma i have three words to describe how i felt when i finished reading the chapter... (W.T.F) ! I did expect him doing sth like that but not so soon wow "claps" . So does that mean Takuma is the new villain for the next chaps ? O.o . I guess i like this scoundrel Takuma's character its better than the kind one i always read in other stories well what can i say sometime i beg to differ lol ,, so one down two to gose yeaaah \o/ and who's next Aido or Kain hmm whatever as long as Takuma annihilate them both "evil smiles" I hope Zero wont wake up so soon "shouts to Takuma" Takuma hurry up what are u waiting finish them off .

Anyway, ne senpai abt (too much angst) that u declaimed i don't mind it at all . You are the author and u have the privilege and control on how to make us readers pleased or distaste of ur story , despite what other say or offended your story u still hear their demanding and trying ur best to raise their awareness by writing a story u are satisfy with it as well as we readers be content with the story. I 'll speak only 4 myself, though i know not all of them would agree with me soo...,

Actually, i'm fond of this kind of stories where the main characters kept getting hurts ,lot of angst and struggling till the end and ofcourse not to mention drama and action these are my types and ur story happend to be one of it so i won't mind the angst dear however if u got alot requests abt lack comfort then i suggest u do as u above-mentioned by adding flashbacks of Zk's happy moment i'm sure everyone would love that thnx 4 taking upon urself of considering ur reviewer's feeling of this story and don't pressure ur self senpai take it easy ne . Good luck on your next update and thnx 4 new story notification i'm off to read it now "runs"..
3/24/2014 c1 kanaeee
"phew" Finally i got time to read the continuous chapter of this story and oh man ! I can't believe that Kaname did divorce Zero and end up with Sara that got me literally shocked "O.O" . Moreover, i kind of expect that from Takuma by trying to remove Kaname from his way so that he had Zero for himself i wonder what 'll the other wife do ! Will they fight over Zero ?. Well either they each other or Zero divorce them but i don't think that would happen sooo i'm afraid i can't tell how is this story gonna end and thats what makes me excited abt it lol ..

I literally felt sad for Kaname seeing how he always end up getting hurt just to protect Zero and his child and i bet with all the snacks i'm eating right now that in order to save Yuuki's child ,he would reject going back with Zero and turn him down and might use the sword if sth goes wrong "nods to herself"

Oh dear, I am hoping during Kaname's long staying with Sara the poision will kick in and terminate her strength and help Zero to kill her though i kind of like Sara's charecter i'd be disappointed if died but if it helps to improve the story 's plot who am i to refuse !..

Thnx senpai 4 updating this amazing chapter and i cant wait to read more . Also i'm glad you decided to continue writing this story even though u got plenty of harm and aweful reviews so plz don't get upset , as i said be4 don't give up on this story and ur faithful readers 'll be with u till the end "smiles"
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