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6/20/2014 c4 1fanaticagenrex
Es un buen capítulo , y seguramente también los otros lo serán
6/20/2014 c3 fanaticagenrex
Wow, pobre Rex , espero que este bien
6/20/2014 c2 fanaticagenrex
Me gustó , me leeré todos los capítulos :)
6/20/2014 c1 fanaticagenrex
Me encanto demasiado este capítulo, claro que seguiré leyendo !. Me gusto mucho la trama .
5/23/2014 c1 1MyNameOnAGravestone
Guess what! I found out I can PM you. Just found out! So, arr you still condidering us to work together?
5/23/2014 c10 69YellowAngela
Wow how did I miss these two chapters? Wanted to say they were both great. I also went back to the beginning of the story. You've really improved. The story flows much better now.
5/19/2014 c10 Guest
wow that's really a great story I love it
5/16/2014 c10 1MyNameOnAGravestone
I? would love to help you but I'm not sure I can P.M you. But Im really good with suspense and all the stuff you mention in chapter ten. But what I can do is leave comments about ideas you could use. BTW I'm also cautious with grammar and stuff like that. I can stay up really late and can not finish a story if there is spelling errors. And I love your stories and would love if you took me up on my offer. I have some amazing ideas. one of them is that Rex get knocked unconscious while fighting an E.V.O and his bio signal gets cut of. Then a group of five E.V.O kids find him and heal him and we later find out that the leader of the E.V.O gang and her twin brother are related to Rex and we go on an adventure that includes the twins getting hunted down by the bad news dudes like BK,VK,HC and all that. the list of O.C characters at the bottom. Please rad this and take me up on that offer.

O.C Characters

Skylar Coriander/ Mad Scientist - A 12 yr old girl that has slightly tan skin and black hair always up in a ponytail and wears a orange sweat shirt and gray pants with black boots that always disappear into her jeans. She is very smart and is like a young Doc Holiday. Her powers are making machines and other gadgets out of any material. Either you have broken machine parts or just dust and rubble, she can make you a working gadget.

Veronica Wilson/ Veil - Think about who else dresses like her. Veronica is 12 yrs old and has pale white skin and always wears her pitch black hair down. She wears a school girl outfit all the time, white button down polo shirt and a red skirt. She has two arms instead of four,like her sister. BOOM! Big hint. She's Breaches sister! Her powers, if you haven't figured it out, are opening portals through reality. But, unlike her sister, she has more control. She can open portals bigger than her sister and can open as large a portal as she wants with her hands restrained. She is Skylar's best friend out of the group too.

Ryan Calico/ Arachnid - Ryan is 12 yrs old and has tan brown hair and has the same colored skin. But not Hispanic. He always wears a black sweatshirt with a lime green video game pattern. He also wears dark blue jeans and a pitch black cap with a lime green trim that covers his right eye. His shoes are black too. He is like Six, an excellent fighter and not one for verbal would rather use his fists than anything else. But he shows a normal amount of emotion for a boy his age while Six barely shows any. But (Shockingly) he is a better fighter than,drumroll please. (wuma bu dum dub blah blah blah) AGENT SIX! He is better than the 6th most deadliest man on the planet. But he 'tries' not to show off. His powers are spitting real sticky webs out of his fingers and mouth and has 8 eyes (7 are hidden behind the cap) and he can sense an E.V.O a mile away like spider man. Additionally,he can climb walls and shoot deadly poisons that only his crush knows the antidote to. No it's not Skylar.

Zachary Salazar (yes, Salazar!)/ RT2 (Robo Twin 2) -Zachary Salazar is 12 yrs old and has black hair that looks like Rexes. Because it's really long already Im just going to say that he looks just like young Rex when Six first found him. He has all the powers of Rex except that its main color is blue and its background color is silver and the Omega builds main color is orange and its background color is silver. He is twins with the leader of the group. He and his sister have much more builds than Rex though for no known reason. He is also really protective of his sister and she doesn't need that.

Zia Salazar/ RT1- Zia Salazar is 12 yrs old and looks like a young female Rex. Clothes and everything. Same as her brother ,which I forgot to put in, she wears a jacket in two shades of orange and has a blue and white Tee. She has more build than both Rex and Zach and her normal builds main color is diver and her background is blues and her Omega builds look similar to her normal except her background is orange. She is the leader of the gang and Ryan's crush. She knows the top secret antidote to his spider venom and is not sharing. She is Ryan's best friend and is as smart as Skylar.

5/12/2014 c8 69YellowAngela
Yeah, an update... And what an update! Things are starting to get interesting.
4/6/2014 c7 5Nerdwithoutadate
4/6/2014 c5 Nerdwithoutadate
Sister?! Lol
4/6/2014 c4 Nerdwithoutadate
:) gr8 chapter
4/6/2014 c3 Nerdwithoutadate
Cool chapter
3/24/2014 c7 69YellowAngela
Nice turn of events. Looking forward to more answers.
3/24/2014 c7 3alexina23
Thanks for writing chapter 7. I love your story... so much suspense with it, and how you've laid it all out... it's awesome...
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