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9/8/2018 c4 Hz
1/31/2018 c4 5ChronoSeth
Whats with minicon Sam. Inferiority Complex much?
6/26/2014 c4 107kirallie
So you brought Sam back only for him to die again however long 3 vorns is later? Poor Bee. So Sam 'survived' in that form because of the All Spark and Matrix? How long had it been since earth was lost? Glad he managed to bring the others back.
4/28/2014 c4 46Licy Dreamlight
It's was too short but great ! Thanks
3/2/2014 c3 Guest
Please update soon!
2/28/2014 c2 5WrenchWielder
Cool, I'm interested to see where you take this. I love Sam and Bee as brothers (or charge and guardian) and hope you keep it like that. Good luck with future chapters!
2/27/2014 c2 lews
nice new chapter keep up the good work
2/27/2014 c2 Guest
Great story so far! Continue! :)
2/26/2014 c1 AwesomeSauce221B
Holy crap I live this story but did the Lennox and Epps family's have to die... Maybe the could come back too...please...
2/25/2014 c1 lews
good work man keep it up loving it so far

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