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4/10/2015 c2 60Ihsan997
Very logical choice regarding the accent. I also like hoe reaching Zoram from the middle of Ashenvale would take a few days and not a few minutes - very, very realistic for a functioning planet.

Oh this is heartbreaking! The sabre is her, right? My God, she just about gave up! :(
4/10/2015 c1 Ihsan997
Alright, this is a good first chapter. We see that the female lead is a druid, loses her boyfriend and then gets knocked out - the details are hazy which makes sense considering that her group was attacked.

The male lead seems happy and a bit of a loner, but is around the same area. I like how you introduce them both here. The story is romance - will these two meet? Great introduction to the main characters!

I notice a lot of people in reviews asking for more after the 21st chapter; I do hope you find the time to update! Reading on.
3/26/2015 c21 RTYohn
Fantastically written. At first 21 chapters seemed a bit much, now I wish there were 40 more.
1/13/2015 c21 Jduf
Omfg there is no way this can end here. I don't care if it is the end I don't except that. This story hade me actually crying. I haven't cried in a very long time and this comes out and I just feel attached to it like I'm apart of it. I loved it from beginning to end. Most of the time I cannot stand at least one thing an author did with their story but this I just loved every moment and don't wNt it to end. I read the entire story in one night because I could not stop. I might have been late to the party but I loved it more for not having to wait.
12/26/2014 c21 Khaylie
Best story ever! Wouldnt want it to end any other way. Thanks.
12/26/2014 c17 Khaylie
Before I read this chapter I just have to say: 56 reviews? It should be ten times more. This story is so completely over the top perfect that its insane. I havent enjoyed reading a story like this in a very long time and I sincerely hope you're not done yet. Or atleast that the story is completed. Would hate to read the last chapter and find out its on hiatus.
Great job so far! I love nelf/troll pairings :D
12/9/2014 c21 7systrami
Aaah, the much awaited reunion.
Hello, new reader here. I stumbled upon this fic quite by accident and figured I had to come out of lurking to review (at least say something!)
And well, I love it. Great plot, I like the whole getting-to-know-eachother-without-prejudice.
Looking forward to next chapter! :)
12/1/2014 c21 jrmf
Amazing story! I know nothing of the war hammer universe but now I'm totally gonna check it out! Great story!
11/22/2014 c21 Brightfeathers
I read all of that in one go, and omg please tell me this isn't the end.
I never really gave a troll x night elf fanfic a try really until now, and this was just amazing. I've been missing out for sure. xD pls continue *u*
11/11/2014 c21 3Rio's Desire
I loved it! If there is more to come, I will hungrily read it! Seriously though, what an awesome fanfic, the idea of her not knowing what she was and the base of their relationship, it's genius. I love trolls, I think it is really the huge tusks on the males that are so interesting, so masculine. Anyways what a gripping story you have here!
11/11/2014 c20 Rio's Desire
The suspense almost killed me lol
11/11/2014 c19 Rio's Desire
11/11/2014 c17 Rio's Desire
I'm mesmerized by these characters you've fleshed out.
11/11/2014 c16 Rio's Desire
This is by far the best fanfic ever! I am eating it up and it's so perfect!
11/11/2014 c14 Rio's Desire
I'm glued! It's too good!
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