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3/9/2014 c8 roguekittiekat
I have seriously become obsessed with this fic now. *gets out creepy stalker gear*
3/8/2014 c7 Hybrid-Entity
Interesting story. THough I have one question. Why she can't remember her previous memories and why can't she transform back to night elf?
3/5/2014 c7 4EnviousCasca
"Zen yanked his tusks free and spun around ready to pounce. Laur-ke was already loping down the beach tail wagging in taunt. "I'm gonna get you damn cat," Zen roared as he took chase."

Seriously. It's the tiny, jovial moments like this I just LOVE. The relationship between the two is believable AND adorable and I can't wait for her to get her memories back. Will she reveal herself right away or keep it a secret for as long as she can to maintain the happy life she's found? I'm excited to find out!

As for the troll accent, I think you've written it perfectly. I've read some troll stories where the accent is too thick so the troll's words are either completely illiterate or sound like they have a cold. You also keep in mind that he's going to sound different depending whether he's speaking Orcish or his native Zandali, which is awesome.

Keep up the good work!
3/5/2014 c7 Azarune
Oh things are going to get interesting when our druid friend gets her night elf form back. Can't wait!
3/4/2014 c7 roguekittiekat
I follow quite a few stories in quite a few different fandoms but I must admit I am checking my phone every time it bleeps to see if it's a new chapter to this story because I am completely infatuated with it. I am really dreading and looking forward to when Luar-ke remembers everything and Zen's response.
3/4/2014 c7 8I'mNotShortI'mFunsize
Gah, it is rare that I find a Warcraft story that I enjoy with original characters, but this one is quite well written. Kudos to you Sir or Madame. :3 I have added you to my followed stories list, and I very much look forward to reading more of your work. In regards to your inquiry at the beginning of this chapter, I must say you seem to be doing a splendid job on the Troll Accent in my opinion. Then again, I mainly play Alliance, so I'm not exactly the best judge.

Nevertheless, keep up the good work. ;D
3/1/2014 c6 4EnviousCasca
Words cannot even BEGIN to describe just how much I love your story so far! It's fantastic!
I really like that you begin each chapter with Laur-ke's point of view. Between that and how well you describe her, it's easy to tell what she's thinking while the reader's still following Zen. (Especially in situations like the run-in at the stables! Oh Zen, you so silly.)
Keep up the good work. :)
2/28/2014 c6 Rakjo
hmm its getting pretty intresting thanks for the upload
2/27/2014 c5 roguekittiekat
Definitely loving this story! Especially the dual nature of the saber. So going to be following this story.
2/27/2014 c5 Bohmzawe
An update! Yay! Loving the end to this chapter, its getting me real excited for what's next :) I see that your story is gaining popularity also, hope that's a significant boost to your inspiration! Cant wait for the next chapter
2/26/2014 c4 Rakjo
i like it :3 if you can please continue it. and if you can do the chapters a more long
2/25/2014 c3 peachycupcake
oh, pretty rare that a story gets me this hooked on the 3rd chapter. gj
2/25/2014 c3 3LazulithLacie
Soo, I've read all three chapters upon seeing this story and I must say, I'm intrigued. I had waited for something new in the Troll/Nelf section and was happy to find this. There are few stories that are rather short per chap and yet that's enough to get me interested - and so is your story ! I like it, I'm very excited to see what'll come and happen next and how you will shape this :) I'll definitely keep track of this as your way of writing was pleasing and yeah, I really want to know what the next chapter's going to bring ! I'd love to learn more about your characters and story hehe. Still, take your time, I wish you a lot of motivation & inspiration ;) Have a nice day.
Cheers !
2/25/2014 c3 Bohmzawe
This is a great start to an interesting story, I'm hooked! Can't wait until the plot begins to thicken a bit more and I see more personality traits from the poor little elfie! Hanging out for the next update .
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