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for Sloth - Part 3 of The Seven Deadly Death Eater Tales

11/8/2015 c5 118HistoryISculture
More soon, please! :D
4/30/2015 c5 2CarmesiLight
Hi! I love this fanfics and this perfect for me. I am sorry for my bad english, I understand when I read but is difficult for me writing in english. I am from Argentina and there are few story of this pairing.I read the translation of "the scarf" and love it. So I wanted to ask if you give me permission to translate his story to Spanish in fanfiction. It would be a great honor to do it and I would feel very happy. I hope that you answer me. Thank you
10/9/2014 c5 RoaringLion51
I loved it!
5/11/2014 c1 Shiva
Really nice, i like their cheek
3/1/2014 c5 iwishiwasjane
a perfect ending :)
i really wanted a happy kinda ending, your last story with severus in it made me cry like a baby due to the melancholic ending...

now, i really liked this story as a whole, will definitely read it again and i think it would be great if you would consider a longer story with this pairing (even though i love your dramione best :D )
3/1/2014 c5 sjrodgera23
loved it thank you
2/28/2014 c4 iwishiwasjane
i am now officially a pathetic puddle of goo... and the cliffhanger gave me the rest! i would really like to say: shame on you! but then you are giving me such amazing things to read, you only deserve praise!

off to wait for new chapter-y goodness...
2/28/2014 c3 iwishiwasjane
damn... it gets even better :)
i was really happy to find out that there was a new chapter- and i really blame you for my small, but still developing crush on scabior...
2/28/2014 c5 167Smithback
2/25/2014 c2 iwishiwasjane
as much as i felt like praising you mere minutes before, i am now loudly cursing you. i honestly had forgotten about your tendency to create REALLY MEAN cliffhangers :)
now i am sitting at work, trying not to scare away the guests having breakfast, and am racking my head for any voodoo-spells or the sort, that might make you post the next chapter...

sadly, i am only descendant of hungarians and austrians (yes, one of my great-grandmothers was rumored to have been a witch) but nonetheless i must wait more or less patiently until you decide to continue... please, dont make it too long a wait!
2/25/2014 c1 iwishiwasjane
now, i am even too excited to attempt to login- i absolutely love this!
stories about scabior usually are one of two extremes. disastrously bad or mind-boggling good. i cant say i was surprised when i found that this story, as all of yours, belong to latter category.

having this said, i will now commence to the second chapter :D

and again, it is so GOOD to have you back on this site!
2/25/2014 c2 Smithback

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