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for Chocolate and Oranges

4/30/2015 c1 foxfairie
3/19/2014 c1 2Harihi
I would want a next chapter soooo much.
And I would reaaaally want to see a POV Craig about this story sooooooo much
I would love it soooooooooo much

So if a day you plan on doing it (even if I am not really watting something of it, tell me, pretty please.
By the way, I loved you Kenny soooooo much XD
3/2/2014 c1 Guest
Knowing kenny it probably will kill him.
Really cute.
2/28/2014 c1 idkgba27
Gosh this was really cute and lovely 3
The writing in this fic seemed different than your other ones. Maybe because it was longer than your usual fics but i really enjoyed the atmosphere you created.
The energy between Kenny and Craig was so odd but at the same time fit together just right.
I really liked how Kenny thought of Craig as an enigma that was never meant to be solved and how much he focused on Craig to the point of obsession.
Craig's extreme apathy and Kenny's desire to just get to know him worked so well.
The ending was especially cute with Kenny realizing that maybe his desires stemmed from a more romantic place than he originally thought. Hearing him start to question himself on why Craig is the only person to ever make him nervous and why he wanted to see him smile and hear his laugh then him trying to get Craig's opinion on the matter but failing to make it anywhere near subtle was adorable.
Craig's reactions throughout this was great to like how he knew that Kenny was staring at him despite the fact that he was looking at the tv and the way he raised his brow when Kenny lied to him just seemed very Craig like.
At least Kenny got Craig to finally smile even if it was more of a smirk and getting caught got Craig all flustered. Somehow it makes sense that Kenny would taste like oranges and Craig would taste like chocolate and them flirting at the end was adorable. Craig probably would ask out another guy without question and be somewhat indifferent to the whole ordeal.
Anyways really cute fic 3
Can't wait to see future fics from you 3
2/27/2014 c1 12NCC-24601
Lemme talk to you about Crenny for a second.

I consider it the earthly manifestation of Christ and for a few reasons. First off I don't think it's entirely crack. It ain't no Stendy or Style but let's face it there's more grounding for it than Creek and that abomination seems to do alright. When did Tweek get to hold Craig's hand, huh?

My favourite crackity crack ship is Kenny and Pip by the way.

Now as to why I love it so. It was the pairing that got me into the fandom more than anything, the reason for that being it was the first one I found a story for that I thought "You know what they could" to. Before then even the big ones didn't convince me. Some of them still don't. Kyman, for instance, is one that I have respect for but barring acts of God I don't think it'd ever happen. I saw this four thousand word essay on it once on why Kyman was the most likely pairing to happen, and I had a lot of issues with it.

Crenny, though, I think could happen in a strictly non romantic way, at least to begin with. It relies on going down the bad boys route, which isn't out if the question. Craig doesn't give a shit so he'll either be a boring fuck or do everything bad that he can, and Kenny can go down that road too. It's not the most likely path for him but it's possible. Fuck buddies. Yay.

Bad boy fuck buddies is a good little concept and I like it. That's why I can like this so much. Normally I try not to rationalise things because it will boil down to a my OTP is better than yours handbag fight. But if you don't know why you like it then why the fuck not.
2/27/2014 c1 2Kyle'sJew
The shipping begins.
2/26/2014 c1 19LadyRaven-321
cute story :)
2/26/2014 c1 Ricebunnie
That was super cute! So fluffy, I fangirled at the end. Good job!

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