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for Requiem of Heaven's Radiance

4/13/2018 c1 BlackLadybug225
As expected from a brilliant author, this Takeru/Mako story is amazing! Kudos to you, sensei.
4/9/2014 c2 Shark XD-Blizzard
Can we have a sequel, please? This would be to good to pass up with Lacey still alive. I mean like, I feel the whole shpeal with Kotoha could have been expanded upon. Also, if you do ever make a sequal with other Sentai, could you try doing it with the Go-onger. I feel like Saki and Hiroto could play the 'Anti-Demon' members of that group well.
3/13/2014 c1 7crimeofimagination
You go, girl! (Mako) Kill that little b* &% yourself!
Great job, once again, MidnightRosebud!
3/3/2014 c1 7StrikeLightning
Yes yes yes! I love this. Get her Mako, kick that little bitch down. No one touches our Takeru!
Love this story, keep up the good work!
2/28/2014 c1 Lyra
Nice Nice story, wow amazing I like mako's act. cool
Could you like make the ending story is sad, I think mako get hurt with fight the demon. could you like?
okay I will wait your next story. don't long time okay?
2/28/2014 c1 Guest
it is a very good story. please continue and update quickly.i cannot wait for it
2/27/2014 c1 1FireHeavenProductions27
BEST ENDING LINE ! dam your can't surprise me anymore probably cause i know Takeru and i know your write everyone in character no matter how much au your stories are ;)! I was waiting for Kotoha to say that bitch was a demon . i loved it though i mean all your descriptions on the sunlight and the emotions and it was like Mako was Takeru in the whole secret weighed on her shoulders haha ;D ! , , all i can say is welcome back and can't wait to see HER CRASH THE WEDDING HELL YEAH ;D !

Why is Takeru always the victim in the villains plans they all want a pieace of him .. or to control him lmao !

* sorry for not doing a crazy review i can't i was way to calm reading cause i new exactly where it was going but with Mako being a demon hunter and then Takeru breaking up kinda easy to figure out. ;)

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