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for Chuck vs The Way the Show Should Have Ended

12/23/2023 c12 chainguns
I had never read this story, and someone asked about it on the Facebook page, so I followed the link and very much enjoyed your version of the ending of the show.
5/24/2023 c12 PIERSON Damien
I loved this story.
4/20/2023 c12 Mpeter
Loved the story. Great ending. Chuck and Sarah with triplets was awesome. Thank you.
11/4/2020 c12 Tpsoftballdad
Really great. A much better ending than the show gave us. Everybody stayed together, Carina, Zondra and Roan made an appearance and not only one Bartowski baby but 3! Thanks so much for sharing a fun story.
8/1/2019 c8 24Amelia Wolfson
Small note, the wine brand is Rombauer not Ron Bauer.
1/26/2018 c12 bahall1964
I love your ending to Chuck. I wish they had ended it like you have done. It is truly amazing at how well you have written Chuck and Sarah relationship. Great job!
3/19/2017 c2 Chuckster2016
this ending would have given me much more satisfaction. Quinn was to be killed right away
10/17/2016 c12 Guest
I really enjoyed the read. It keep my attention from start to finish. Bravo well done. I loved the rewrite with sarah being pregnant this is how it should been. Look forward to more chuck fanfaction
12/31/2014 c12 24Balder
This was a great story!
12/3/2014 c12 7twlightbella
Chuck and Sarah triplets where born
12/3/2014 c6 twlightbella
Chuck and Sarah having triplets
12/3/2014 c1 twlightbella
Chuck and sarah are parents to their baby in Sarah's tummy
11/23/2014 c12 darrin outlaw
The official version as far as I am concerned
10/15/2014 c12 6Molotov
God. Triplets. I'm exhausted just thinking about that.

A cute ending, wrapped in a neat bow. I dig it. This is a fine story you got here.
10/15/2014 c11 Molotov
I gotta hand it to you, your plotline for this section, as well as the Bullet Train are creative and unique. I like it.

Also good to have the other members of the Extended Team Bartowski show up. Zondra doesn't get enough love, a shame really, cause she's a mighty fine, and just plain mighty, woman.

I also like the names for the Bartowski babies, BECAUSE THEY'RE REAL NAMES. I don't like cutesy names, or hippie names, or names to make a precious snowflake stand out of the pack. Little Nevaeh is gonna have to apply for a job one day, along with all the Gages and Bradens. Ugh. I've thanked two separate friends for giving their kids real names, because I didn't want to lie to them forever about them.
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