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for How to Train a Sword of Life

2/26 c6 4Maglad
I greatly enjoyed your story and hope to read more soon!
9/28/2023 c6 brayanamaya963
Cinco largos años que han pasado oh Señor los olvidos o arenas del tiempo el manto de la noche sin fin estrellas brillan iba y esta obra nunca acabó y nunca prosperó hermosa semilla que retoñó pero se secó con el viento y el sol te duró al hombre cinco añitos hombre sí estaba repasando algunas cosas que tenías por ahí yo entonces mira ahí está joya de nuevo digo voy a leerla de nuevo doncella siesta espero que haya estado bien estos cinco años que tengas prosperidad que está en toda tu familia bien y nos vemos un saludo desde Madrid España
9/21/2023 c6 AnkhseramFT
it's been over a year
11/20/2022 c1 HungrySnack
So if you were to continue this, the path forward I see is the following outline:

Timeskip to Kitsuru's Death

Timeskip to a bit before the Fifth Holy Grail War
One ta two chapter arc that showcases Shiro's current skill (and everyone who could be a combatant in F/SN)

Fate/Stay Night
11/20/2022 c5 HungrySnack
Would have been better without adding fandoms. If you just kept it a straight crossover, a clearer goal would emerge.
9/16/2022 c6 Savagesmiley47
Great story please continue!
6/27/2022 c6 Savagesmiley47
Love this story hope it makes a come back. I’ve read it 3 times.
4/10/2022 c5 blasrt85
Just stumbled across this, Its great. Easy to follow pace, good build up. The only downside would be lack of background info for newcomers. Thanks for sharing.
9/27/2021 c6 Lazy Servant
Thanks for the chapters.
6/8/2021 c6 1wfkiwi
its being 3 years!
2/4/2021 c1 Dasgun
1/20/2021 c6 HLBRS-H
Great history
1/18/2021 c6 Guest
Great Fic. Please Update.
11/10/2020 c6 Blue Sky
It's been 2 years. Will you ever update this again? I'll bookmark this and check every 6 months to see if this gets updated.
10/8/2020 c5 Nikkless
hope you wont add other characters from other animes keep it in Kenichi and nasuverse.
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