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for How to Train a Sword of Life

4/25 c3 Crimsonph34r
Interesting set up. How far do you plan on going? To the Fifth Grail War or to the start of HSDK? I’m interested in what turn if events can happen with the meeting of these two worlds.
4/25 c2 Crimsonph34r
Not gonna lie I never put these two amazing stories together in my head. So far you’ve done a great job capturing the characters personalities. Given what we know of Shirou’s determination and stubbornness the masters would have an interesting time guiding and training him.

My biggest curiosity is how you portray tge masters’ concerns of how Shirou values everyone else before himself. His mentality of being a blade along with Shigure’s “forgingtechniques should be interesting.
2/26 c6 4Maglad
I greatly enjoyed your story and hope to read more soon!
9/28/2023 c6 brayanamaya963
Cinco largos años que han pasado oh Señor los olvidos o arenas del tiempo el manto de la noche sin fin estrellas brillan iba y esta obra nunca acabó y nunca prosperó hermosa semilla que retoñó pero se secó con el viento y el sol te duró al hombre cinco añitos hombre sí estaba repasando algunas cosas que tenías por ahí yo entonces mira ahí está joya de nuevo digo voy a leerla de nuevo doncella siesta espero que haya estado bien estos cinco años que tengas prosperidad que está en toda tu familia bien y nos vemos un saludo desde Madrid España
9/21/2023 c6 AnkhseramFT
it's been over a year
11/20/2022 c1 HungrySnack
So if you were to continue this, the path forward I see is the following outline:

Timeskip to Kitsuru's Death

Timeskip to a bit before the Fifth Holy Grail War
One ta two chapter arc that showcases Shiro's current skill (and everyone who could be a combatant in F/SN)

Fate/Stay Night
11/20/2022 c5 HungrySnack
Would have been better without adding fandoms. If you just kept it a straight crossover, a clearer goal would emerge.
9/16/2022 c6 Savagesmiley47
Great story please continue!
6/27/2022 c6 Savagesmiley47
Love this story hope it makes a come back. I’ve read it 3 times.
4/10/2022 c5 blasrt85
Just stumbled across this, Its great. Easy to follow pace, good build up. The only downside would be lack of background info for newcomers. Thanks for sharing.
9/27/2021 c6 Lazy Servant
Thanks for the chapters.
6/8/2021 c6 1wfkiwi
its being 3 years!
2/4/2021 c1 Dasgun
1/20/2021 c6 HLBRS-H
Great history
1/18/2021 c6 Guest
Great Fic. Please Update.
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