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4/11/2017 c5 Ultimate-Zelda-fan
Talk about making strong network connections!
4/11/2017 c5 ZeroNu
I like where you are going with Shiro's new sidekick's can't wait to see what they think about the Masters :)
4/11/2017 c5 1Bobboky
Very good work
4/11/2017 c5 Ezok
So we have aliens, rampant AI that like orbital strikes and the father of the virtual game industry. that sounds like the start of a joke. Did I get all of those correctly?
4/11/2017 c5 Star Iron
It's not an entirely uncommon idea but it is AWESOME that you're taking the chance to explore the idea of Shirou modelling his aspirations after a comic book hero. The only thing that bummed me out about this chapter was seeing the initial 2014 Publish Date.
4/11/2017 c5 gamerman125
okay folks lets play the name game you get a cookie for each one you get right i get the world for each one you get wrong
4/11/2017 c5 The Elemental King of Hell
So did you plan to add Sao beforehand when you started this or did it just come too you?
4/11/2017 c5 9melkun
Nice chap! I like how Ryosanpaku masters are gently guiding Shirou on how to approach his dreams. The 'crossover' characters were a surprise.
4/11/2017 c5 3Mrcrazyman94
I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting this at all. for now I have mix feelings about this chapater, nothing bad I can assure you but I still can't set my feelings straight about this. For now I'll just say that I am excited for future chapter and wish you the best of luck.
4/11/2017 c5 1raigalcc
I think Apachai and Elder would be all in for this lol
4/11/2017 c5 B312
How many goddamned crossovers is this thing? Not that I have a problem with it, in fact it provokes very interesting plot lines to see Shirou befriending the Future Creator of a Death World and SG-1's very own Samantha Carter, but jeez, what's next? Goddamn Buffy?
4/11/2017 c5 Ankei-Kurai
It's really good! But you kept putting the name Kenchi for Koiso Kenji, and I couldn't tell if he was there watching the fight or fighting too.
4/11/2017 c5 xbox432
Ok, Akihiko and Kenji are pretty cool characters to introduce. But you actually added Samantha Carter! :D Oh, that just made my day. That woman's usefulness and intellect were really underrated in the show, can't wait to see if/how you have their friendship/partnership go. And Shirou's wariness of her... looks like Miu has left an impression on him. :P

...Is Shirou gonna have to fight space snakes?

On a side note, curious to see if Akihiko goes all homicidal in your story if if being antiquated with Shirou will steer him away from such thoughts.
each chapter you upload are great, Im a little dissapionted thatr they are so short but considering that they are all good chapters dont pay attention to that part,
please update soon
4/11/2017 c5 Server lock
Sao eh, as long as it doesn't interfere with the story heavily and is just a minor cameo it should be fine. Impressive, but most people don't really consider batman a hero, he has the money to really help out the city, and none of the villain that appear are strong enough to pose a genuine threat if he armed the police. A cynical professor of mine told me this, and regretfully I agree that how Batman goes about doing things isn't the best.
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