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for How to Train a Sword of Life

4/11/2017 c5 Hishin Trueflame
I just hope fucking Akihiko gets his face punched in once Shirou finds out his SAO plan.
Though to be honest, i don't know how to feel about the sudden addition of those three, I can understand they are geniuses but really I would think them making games could wait till they enter their late teens at the least, no company would ever get them on board with their projects, no matter how good they are.

They are simply too young i think.

But its your story, and as a reader that has greatly enjoyed this story up to now, i just hope you know what you're doing.
2/4/2017 c4 Guest
Gib moar, plis. Update, plis.
1/14/2017 c4 3doraemax
Hmm...besides being an incarnation of Sword, another aspect that is often associated with Shirou is that he is a natural born Archer, with archery skills bordering on the divine...I hope you will not neglect this aspect of him.

thank you. and more, please...
1/14/2017 c4 Raeonald
Nice storyline, keep up the good work
12/16/2016 c4 1Erdrick117
Good chapter, not the most exciting to be sure, but it definitely helps build up the world your creating.
Also I'm wondering what the head of the Emiya family plans to teach Miu because as we know he is not the best when it comes to teaching magic. So is he going to call in a favor or just teach her the basics.
12/15/2016 c4 Alyr Lin
Thanks for the chapter .
12/12/2016 c4 Josh
Dude I love ur fanfic please update more often
12/11/2016 c4 2Roxas902
This story is really good! Looking forward to more soon!
12/7/2016 c4 10Kisame Hoshigaki
when Miu said she want to go at Shirou's house the worst scenario cane to my mind... Apachai and Taiga met I don't know how that end but it's look interesting. good chapter and waiting for the next chapter
12/7/2016 c4 daimahou
The plural of magus is magi.
12/7/2016 c4 1Kreyn
So here is the next chapter! I send you my sincerest thanks for it, you and your wife!

OK let's get down to it hmmm... hmmm... OK, generally it seems that nothing much happens your typical filler/transition chapter? Not sure how to call it, but it's obvious that chapters like this are necessary even if to put things into order and prepare us for action speeding up at important moments...

Nice to see how Shirou goes through HSDK classics: roasted squid dance and doing squats while holding jars with water... as expected after initial shock he easily accepts his training to point where he will be overdoing if his teachers would leave him alone... it seems that Kenichi will be trained in future wonder whether watching out for Shiriou overdoing will make them lose bit perspective with Kenichi who will keep running, or perhaps they might comment that keeping Kenichi from running away from training is more relaxing than keeping Shirou from destroying himself? Still comment of Shirou that he lost perspective on how much safety you sacrifice for it to be "unduly", this little tibit might make him bit more reckless in future... oh joy :)

And it seems Miu sees bit more attention in this chapter, as expected she is ahead of Shirou in training, but considering how young they are, Shirou's perspective to catch up to her in 2-3 years most is good, I mean they're both are children if Shirou won't be able to caught up to her then how Kenichi is supposed to have any hope?

It's also lol that Shirou starts to word his thoughts in more sophisticated and philosophical way than usual as mark of Akisame's influence and Shirou is worried about that...

As for Shigure and Shirou training... well it might be just my taste, but when you had mentioned how Shirou saw pieces of swords in musems and pieces Shigure brought to show him, you could have perhaps mention some specific one from either category... it didn't have to be something super special it might have been sword that at one point belonged to some queer swordsman or any blade that actually had something interesting about it, even if it's not really important... on that note did you heard about anime "Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru" - its anime about personifications of Katanas of famous people throughout ages, who live together and from time to time they jump into past to keep others from altering history, I didn't really watch much of it, but it might be perhaps goo source for ideas?

Either way going further on training Shirou goes with Shigure... with him trying to feel sword without using magic, I am not against it as it will surely help, but I am not exactly sure that logic behind it is exactly sound, I mean originally Shirou recorded any and all of weapons he saw with his eyes, or through sharing memories with other people, he just wasn't aware of it, he did it subconsciously, he didn't need to actiively analyze them as he did with objects that he was reinforcing them, basically Shirou should have get all that there is to know about sword, just from seeing it, it's just it's way this knowledge is flows into him, is so subtle and subconscious that he actually he is not sure how to access that knowledge out of his will, it is sometimes said that people actually record a lot more information in their memory than they consciously access because they don't know route on how to exactly access...

My point would be that Shirou is someone that takes sword's whole existence into his own soul without trying to do so, so they're already part of him as his soul was partly molded into them... of course there are other opinions, but it's way I think.

Anyway looking at Ma part it looks that Shirou picks up bit of medicine, bit lol that he learns it as he does cooking though it does make sense. and lol on how Shirou listens to his sensei well until he start to talk about beauty of female form, though perhaps instead of not listening it should be noted as Shirou not knowing about what guy is talking about?

Anyway more Miu Part more personal perhaps... Miu being defensive of her kitchen... I certainly didn't feel that part in her when she was about to go save that kitten with Kisara and both Shigure and Ma offered to take up cooking duties on that day instead of her, but perhaps it was special circumstance... ah it's worth to remember that Ma Kensehi is actually as skilled as professional chief and speaking of kittens you think it's worth to consider Emiyas gifting one as present to Ryozanpaku?

It's good to see two kids getting close, still Shirou calling Miu imouto-chan... well it's my personal taste, but I never exactly could like idea of having characters of fanfic calling each other things like "imouto" or "otouto" or "hime" I read plenty of LN, Mangas and watched animes and while it's often to call person "big brother/sister" (oni-chan, nii-chan, ni-san, aniki, aniue/ onee-chan, nee-chan, aneki, anego, or simply add -nii, -nee, -ane after name) I almost never said older referring to younger as their siblings, I mean they often said that this or that person is their younger brother or sister, but never when calling them directly if you refer to someone younger than you with closeness, you always use their name or pet name,

only cases when I read/watched someone speak to another person "younger brother" was when making bit fun of them...

usually it was "otouto-yo" which I think can translate "little brother of mine" like for example knowing that other party done some sort of mischief and older siblings confronts them with knowing smile "little brother of mine don't you have something to tell me" as for "hime" well only case when I read/watched one character refer to other as hime not as joke and when other person wasn't member of high class, was in Flame of Recca, but even then it's questionable whether it fits, because it's about Recca and Yanagi and Recca clearly viewed her as princess... Of course it's all only my personal taste and experience, I might be wrong and even if not other people might like that, YOU might like that and feel more comfortable having your characters refer to each other as such and that is much more important, but I would just like to share my personal perspective on things and comment, than in my opinion Shirou shouldn't refer to Miu as imoutou as it doesn't feel natural (not about feelings but as figure of speech) as for Miu, I would rather have her call Shirou with combination of "oni-chan" and his name like "Shirou-nii" or "Shirou-onichan"

Anyway next is dinner... it looks that Shirou is figuring out tactics to protect his dinner from Apachai... smart boy, though I thought that Kenichi provoked this tradition... ah well it doesn't matter much and is fun.

Also it looks that rivarly between Ryozanpaku and Danki still holds strong some time before Shirou will get to meet Kaname... lol on Furinjis dismissive attitude on whether he really ever invited Danki to Ryozanpaku or not... well it's just like this man to make mistake and just roll with it :)

Also looking on how Shirou asks whether they look strange while carrying statues... and Akisame explanation... as well last part of story when Shirou questions whether he looks weird while pulling that tire... it seems... that not only on what is dangerous or not is being further damaged, but also his perspective on what recognize as weird or not in common view of civilian takes heavy beating... at this rate he will be really seen as one hell of an weirdo when he will be teenager, unless he'll mask it...

Also from comments on how much strength Kiritsugu has left... is going to still be alive in next chapter? His time seems to be coming... as for Miu learning Magecraft... well I am not sure, whether I like it or not... ok as Shirou-fanatic I am not exactly thrilled, as Shirou originally didn't get to learn much from Kiritsugu and wouldn't learn much, but now Miu gets those lessons handed to her on silver platter while Shirou originally was forced to cannibalize his nerves as he didn't know any other way... seems REALLY unfair and bit of stealing Shirou's thunder as spell-caster and martial artist in this story...

but again it's my personal opinion and as of now I don't exactly know what you will have Miu learn exactly... and how much as Kiritsugu doesn't have much time left anyway... Hmmm... now I think about it I wonder how much Shirou's magecraft lessons progressed I am re-read chapters to check that much...

Also Apachai showed up a bit and even Shirahama family made appearance, but there's even not mention of Sakaki he didn't join Ryozanpaku yet perhaps?

Anyway thanks for latest chapter and I impatiently await the next one.
12/6/2016 c4 Neema Amiry
12/6/2016 c4 Guest
Woot! I loved this story, I'm thankful for the update!
12/6/2016 c4 Biblio388
It is fun to see how the Masters will shape Shirou in the future. Also nice to see some of the changes in Miu right now.
12/6/2016 c4 3The Richmaster
Nice chapter; I liked the way you showed Shirou integrating with the Ryozanpaku group and look forward to seeing where the Miu could be a magus plotline goes
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