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for How to Train a Sword of Life

8/23/2018 c6 LMaltez
Interesting story.
Thank you for your hard work.
8/10/2018 c5 KrisB-71854
I can see what his masters were doing to get Shirou thinking of what hero means to his peer group and what other paths there are.

This chapter doesn't mean that there is a full blown cross with any of those settings. It just means that there is an US military brat Samantha Carter there who we all know her future template. That doesn't meant star gate exists here. It means that the writer took Samantha Carter and deaged her, tossed her family into Fate/Stay.

Actually, lets do some math Fate/Stay happens in 2004. I think Shirou is what about 17 in that? and the fire happened when he was 7. He has been with his dad for two years so Shirou is about 9. That would put the date about 1996 or so.

Come to think of it the entire SG series or just the movie happen just without Sam's part of things. She might not have been as needed, and it happen roughly the same for the movie. Or she was needed for the math and though Daniel was able to do some translation the star gate math/astrophysics/gate dailing befuddled them so they didn't get around to dailing off world. So no alien contact here.

Well, except for the Types and True Ancestors.

Kayaba Akihiko was apparently born early here. I just looked him up and he shows as born in 1995-1996 and 28 at the end of the Aincrad Arc. Him being 9 in this fic really doesn't change squat. If anything, it'll just be that Shirou will have a long-term investment that makes him a fortune before he needs to trade the stock.

I actually like the idea of Kayaba Akihiko sparing against Shirou or just watching Shirou train. Come on don't you want to see Kayaba watch him do his daily exercise and mutter about Shirou turning into an anime character or something. Shirou could easily be the inspiration behind a swords based game.

I had to look up Kenji Koiso. He is being about their age works out. He can easily end up doing his bit in the future, but it likely won't effect anything here.

Thinking about it. Kayaba creates 3 AI on his own. That was a huge deal for them and kept well hidden for social issues.

The bad guy that Kenji Koiso ends up fighting is an AI. That's about all I could find about him other than he could crack math codes in his head. O.k. I have no idea how that relates to anything else in the fic.

I'm going to say that the 3 math / video game club members / characters were just filler clutter background for this one bit scene. If they even show up again, it'll be merely to teach Shirou computer/hacking/programming skills so depending on how close that they supposedly bond to show up and pat him on the back when his dad dies.

Sam will likely move back to the US with her family. At most, she'll be a pen friend. Kayaba would be long term invest that makes money, but is generally forgotten about. Kenji Koiso was that other math guy except his family either moved or sent him to the other middle/high school so he basically got dropped out of Shirou's life just by life happening. Either way, none of them really have any reasons for being involved with his life long term.

O.k. crack fantasy. I can't help but wonder what would happen if those 3 actually did start excerising after getting curb stomped by Shirou. O.k. by the time Sam actually does get into SGC she's master class. Wouldn't you want to see her break Telac without any issues?

The other two i really couldn't see how that changes things. I could see Kayaba as a master class actually preventing SAO. How or why? As he has learned just how much raw skill/effort/training is required to become master class and it is actually possible... well he'd still want to show off weapons skills to the world, but he'd think that the video game experience itself would slightly cheapen things. If anything, he'd end up turning SAO into a stealth training sim.
8/10/2018 c6 KrisB-71854
I'm loving this fic. This has a nice slice of life vibe to it, which is a rather refreshing change for Shirou fics.

Love the Miu/Shirou/Shigure family dynamic. At first, I was thinking that it might be ShirouxShigure and it still likely is, but they've got more of a sibling/twin vibe than anything else. Then again I could easily see that pair together.

Shirgure should be somewhere from mid to late teens in this. She was more twenty ish when Kenichi trains at the dojo which should be in a few years.

O.k. thinking about it there is plenty of time for relationship dynamics to change.

I love how Miu and Shirou only think of each other as siblings. He doesn't remotely think of her along those lines.

I liked the spar with Kaname. Both kids learned a lot. Shirou has had more basic stamina drilled into him. Kosaka was likely amazed that Shirou was giving Kaname a workout at all. That he was giving her a real rival. That'll likely please both.

Rivals do have a habit of pushing each other to new heights.

Shirou gets to learn how to play with a forge. Awesome She has those secrets of steel techniques as well. Can't wait to see him make a set of kitchen knives.

I rather liked Miu being brought into things. About the only bit that I was mixed on was them saying she could jump into learning healing right off. They need to test her element/origin beforehand. She might have something like Fist or Dance for hers.

Actually, I don't really think her element/origin will limit her nearly as much as it does Shirou. Shirou has his issues, but finding out his element/origin was more a part of finding out what those issues were and how best to properly teach him. It wasn't really a big surprise, but it does mean that he'd need to learn/do things differently than the usual path.

The only person really missing in this fic is Tiaga. I can't wait to see the first time Taiga has to take Shirou to the dojo.

Actually, I could see this Shirou end up with Shigure as his guardian rather than Taiga. Taiga would still be more convenient though.
8/4/2018 c6 ZooFan
Great story so far I love this idea I wished there were more fate stay combinations fanfics like this so please hurry and update this story soon
7/17/2018 c4 1YeTianshi
Dunno how to feel about Miu learning magecraft...
7/17/2018 c3 YeTianshi
Pretty epic start, I wonder if you're going to get to the point where Unlimited Blade Works is introduced or not.
7/17/2018 c1 YeTianshi
Seems really interesting so far, I'll see how it goes on.
7/8/2018 c3 TheGrape001
I am loving this story so far, your Shirou Sword metaphor on how to make him is truly unique
6/2/2018 c6 A guy who reads
Good stuff man can't wait for more top quality content!
5/24/2018 c6 jacob.rockhill613
yeah man great chapter! sorry i was late to the party well you have too work at your own pace but i hope to see more from this soon.
5/23/2018 c1 1WhenWindWhirls
The story is great and your writing style enticing. But...6 Chapters in 4 years...I'm not sure if I'll see the next chapter soon...
But here's to hoping you Would. .
5/22/2018 c6 skrapsynneh
Thanks for the chapter. I look forwards to more. Good luck on Grand Order and I hope you don't get sucked into the gachapon which is what will definitely happen.
5/22/2018 c6 PasiveNox
Ehhh great
5/21/2018 c6 jairoesme
that one sided talk was adorable. great chapter
5/20/2018 c6 TorstenL
good chapter *thumps up!* and a big hurrraayyyy for the update.

i hope you update soon this story...
i wish you much fun with Fate Grand Order. *sight* I wish i could play it too *sight*!
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