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for Enthusia Professional Racing Cup Series Championship 2014

11/16/2014 c24 20DeadUser98
Sorry about the loss, but at least Diddy seems happy. :)
8/18/2014 c17 41Twin Cats
Oh hey, looks like the whole team finished at once.

...With that being said, I hope you have some good luck in Japan.
8/3/2014 c16 Twin Cats
Seems Diddy's gotten over the rain. He's gotten pretty lucky, this time.
7/6/2014 c14 Twin Cats
Luck doesn't seem to be on Sega's side, this time. Sonic seems to be the lucky one, though.
6/15/2014 c12 Twin Cats
That makes another win for Diddy.

I'm still wondering why they won't let him back in Mario Kart.
6/1/2014 c11 Twin Cats
Oh hey, Diddy, wins again!

...Poor Knuckles, though.
5/18/2014 c9 Twin Cats
Reder, you jackass! *grabs some apples from out of nowhere* Don't make me use these!

...er...but on a brighter note, congratulations to Shadow for getting first place.
5/12/2014 c8 Twin Cats
A wild DK appeared, it seemed...

and congratulations for Diddy on getting first place.
4/27/2014 c7 Twin Cats
Well, congratulations to Tails for getting first place.
4/13/2014 c6 Twin Cats
That sneaky little monkey, he sure knows how get by people XD
3/31/2014 c5 Twin Cats
Yikes...those poor Hedgehogs, neither of them saw that coming...

On a brighter note, I see you've finally got first place...congratulations.
3/16/2014 c4 Twin Cats
150 races, huh? That's a pretty good milestone.

And congratulations on getting on the podium (even if it's second place)
3/2/2014 c3 Twin Cats
Pfft, I notice the hedgehogs love to mess around with Diddy on the Podium (I'm sure it's all in good fun, though).

And yeah, I can definitely imagine the Smashers going crazy about the race, as well.

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