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2/16/2009 c1 4LeahElizabeth
Great work. Right on.
3/4/2008 c2 Thorn Wilde
i really love this story! i hope that you can update soon!

Love Thorn x X x
7/16/2007 c2 Lauren
i have been frequently revisiting this fic and your others for years now, probably since they first came out. They are simply wonderful, and i would especially love to see you finish this one. I was very happy when you added the second chapter three years ago, and i would love to see some more. Your fic and user name are smong the few i can actually remember off the top of my head, so i know that i'll be revisiting this fic again and again in the future. Best of luck in whatever you end up doing!

11/25/2005 c2 xyz34234
i love this story please update soon.

4/16/2005 c2 frostinglolo2
oh please update, ive been following this story for almost three years, and theres only 2 chapters..hehe, wow, i really love this story, please please please!
1/15/2005 c2 Susan Potter
11/14/2004 c2 3Kittenlover2
OMG this is such a great story! updater soon! please...

love it,


9/28/2004 c2 lauren
maybe, if u started reposting everything, ppl would review more, like if u made shorter chapters, not that long chapters are bad, i love them, but so that u could get more reviews, because ur story is too good not to get reviews, and it hurts me to think uv worked so hard on such a wonderful story, only to have it not be reviewed as many times as it deserves. it truly is a phenomenal story, and i really hope u update soon
9/19/2004 c2 frostinglolo2
im so happy ur doing this! please have the next update less than 2 years away tho. lol. i love ur stories, i really really love them, ur stories have been my favorites for like two or three years! they are really really great and i read them over and over again all the time! im so exicted for the next chapter! this is great! u made my day!
9/18/2004 c2 1Keeper of the West
this has to be the best story EVER. two years is a long time huh ? please please please try and update it quickly! if u need a beta i'm willing to help :D. Other that that - great job !
9/17/2004 c2 17CapriceAnn Hedican-Kocur
yes, it was definitely worth the wait! I really can't wait for more! Just don't take too long okay? hehehehehe
7/21/2004 c1 CapriceAnn Hedican-Kocur
oh wow! That was amazing!
7/22/2003 c1 a new griffendor
very good. i don't think i'll make myself slytherin after all...
1/1/2003 c1 2Arina
Great!@ Are u ever ganna write the sequel for protective?
10/28/2002 c1 Natlie caracol
THIS IS SO COOL YOU HAVE TO CONTUNUE I REALLY HOPE YOU DO! THIS IS DEFENITLY GOING ON MY author to my Favorite Authors list & story to my Favorte Stories list
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