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9/3/2016 c17 3ItzABlueWulf
This story needs more love, it deserves all of it
11/13/2014 c12 1Tris PhantomEvans
Omg, they're stuck with weirded Doctors, Kamis and Eus! Poor everyone! *pats them on the head* I feel like I'm looking back at that episode of Doctor Who, 'Turn Left', I'm quite excited to see how this one will outcome! Great chapter, the story is going at great pace, still lots of mystery to solve and I love it!

Until next chapter! :DD
9/29/2014 c10 Tris PhantomEvans
OMGG, NO KIIIIIDDDDD! Don't you dare and die on me, you total badass reaper cutie! Maybe the Doctor has something for you, he's got to have an idea..

And HOLY CRAP, YOU MENTIONED BLACK BUTLER IN THIS CHAPTER! That scythe, the film of Kami's life, the word RED, this is probably Greal's idea (I don't remember how to write his name ;_;)! All hail to that awesome, funny, butler-stalking reaper too!


Few, with that burden off, I completely love your work, you write so well such a great story, you should have more followers and reviewers, really! Your chapter is fabulous and so is the plot, I'm pretty excited for the next chapter! Take your by the way, nobody is going to rush you into it! Until next chapter :DD
8/23/2014 c9 Tris PhantomEvans
No. Oh my stars. NO. EXCALIBUR YOU BAKA, COME BACK HERE. *feelsfeelsfeelsfeelsfeels* I feel so sad for Kami, nooooooo! I can't imagine the whole grief she must be holding back from exploding! Those words about the difference between a warrior and a killer... Epic. Each word of it was epic! And the ending of this chapter! With Shadow stabbing Kami... I'M GOING TO MAKE HIM PAY! Oh! And Kim was FABULOUS in this chapter, thanks soooo much to have added her in here, that was awesome! Like the chapter in its entirety. X) I can't wait for next one, you're such a good writer!
8/9/2014 c8 Guest
Update soon please?
7/22/2014 c8 Tris PhantomEvans
Why did I forget to leave a review? Anyways! OMGG I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE EXCALIBUR'S BIG SHOW IN NEXT CHAPTER! And Kiiimmm! Though you did make a few errors (no offense intended) here and there, like you forgot a letter in a word, might want to check that out ;) Until next chapter!
6/23/2014 c8 Guest
Ohh myyy goddd, update ASAP!
6/16/2014 c7 Tris PhantomEvans
THIS IS THE EPICEST CHAPTER EEVVERRR! You need to update this soon! Oh my God, I'm squealing of utter joy, Weeping Angels! I LOVE those freaky statues and, GAAHHH! Okay, I'll shut up now XDD
5/17/2014 c6 Tris PhantomEvans
I have one thing to say and that is: Holy crap, I'm SOO EXCITED for the next chapter!
5/1/2014 c5 Tris PhantomEvans
. I love this fanfiction! It's totally awesome and the beginning of this chapter was HILARIOUS with Kami having no clothes on and all the girls knocking out the boys! XDD I'll happily wait your next update!
4/17/2014 c4 Guest
Please make it rated M story
4/17/2014 c4 Guest
Please add Sex Scenes will Kami have a Love Interest. If so make us surprised. Like her Love intrest being Naruto or Dante from the Classic Devil May Cry Series
4/9/2014 c3 Guest
So are we likely to see another chapter soon?... :)
4/3/2014 c3 Tris PhantomEvans
Hi! (lol) MAKA HAS A SISTER! O.O AND IT'S EU! Wow. Can't wait for the next chapter! Really cool beginning for this fanfic :DD
3/24/2014 c3 Jack Johnson
New chapter!
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