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11/2/2022 c2 4Klltsun25
I just randomly remembered this story and wanted to reread, so I went on a trek to look through my favorites list in this site because "I swear I read it before I used AO3", but apparently my past self forgot to put it on favorites, so I tried to scroll through the Inheretance Cycles crossovers in AO3 in case I was wrong, then was like, "wait, was it percy jackson or harry potter. Wait I think it was harry potter, that makes much more sense, whoops", and finding nothing on AO3, went back here again.

And the grin on my face when the title, summary, and picture looked so very familiar! I haven't read any The Inheritance Cycle fics in years, don't know why got the urge to out of nowhere, but I'm glad to reread this

oh damn ffnet told me I cant comment on this chap cause I already commented before. Yep, I really did find the correct one. Moving to the next chap then
8/22/2022 c3 KratostheLycan
You easily say that the merge of two souls changed the eye color, it's not like it'd have a huge impact on anything besides looks
7/8/2022 c10 tsougrhs.59
the interaction between your Mc and others are very awkward and robotic
i dont even understand why your Mc saying. left and right who he is
.. your plot make zero sense
5/27/2022 c1 Elaene
It's the second time that I read this story and it's still a very good story. Now that we are 5 years later I came back hoping to see an update soon!
10/12/2021 c4 Gnormann
2 people sharing a body is the single creepiest thing ever. I’m pretty sure I would suicide
10/5/2021 c28 7era-romance
it's been a long time since u updated but I hope u come back to this story. has some true potential! we don't get enough Shruikan fics. always felt bad for him, poor dragon. did not deserve the fate galbatorix forced on him.
9/6/2021 c28 ilmassu
It’s been 5 years! Haha

Although, if you don’t think you’ll ever continue, I’d love to see the outline you had planned and clone it
8/2/2021 c9 8Inv0ke
Why did he even give him his sword when Eragon had his own sword to use?
7/28/2021 c28 Alain Terieur
I do not usually leave reviews but... this is an exceptional crossover I must say ! You know the story is good when you can’t help but read chapters after chapters until the last one, even if it means not sleeping at all.

Harry-Shruiken not being some overpowered /almighty being felt very refreshing, I can’t thank you enough for that !

I really liked the interactions between characters, they stayed true to themselves. Seeing them slowly unravel Harry/Shruiken’s secrets and how they react to it was sooo enjoyable.

My favorite scene was the moment when Harry made flames dance for the children.

Overall, well done and thank you for this adventure. I hope that, one day, we will get to read the rest of the story !

Atra esterni ono thelduin my friend
7/16/2021 c28 KalAeon
Well, it's been exactly five years. Any thoughts on picking this back up?


Yes, I had this bookmarked just so I would remember to come back and make this comment on this day. Though I am serious about wanting more of this, or perhaps Serpent's Renaissance.

Hope you're doing well, and I hope your muse cooperates with whatever you decide to do.
7/8/2021 c11 Keme
And by association, the master of death can too. Hahahahaha.
12/19/2020 c28 Literary Consumer
This has been really brilliant so far! I love the idea of Harry as a shade. It incorporates him into the world
Of eragon I’m such a seamless way
12/19/2020 c21 Literary Consumer
I like how easygoing Harry is. He’s clearly picked up a lot of patience from shurikan
12/19/2020 c20 Literary Consumer
I love what you did with Harry and the kids here.
10/13/2020 c26 Luxo11
Honestly I’ve read up to this point and Harry is mostly just a background character. Not a great story tbh
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