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for Dead

4/12/2022 c5 Guest
Poetry isn't my think
4/11/2022 c5 Guest
these poems are ok but I just couldn't get into them, nothing personal
12/4/2021 c1 Nathalia.Cassiopeia
I enjoyed this riddle.

Black as tar
Will go far
As everything stops
And Heaven flops
3/2/2017 c4 IAmReallyTired
This is pretty good, and deep, and sad, which I love :) it would be nice if they were longer, but it's your choice ;)

I have one too (probably won't ryhme though):
Stars above
Shining like a million diamonds
And I'm floating up
Becoming one
Saying goodbye to the others

I think we all know who this is... :'(
2/22/2017 c4 The 100th Guest
I'm going to cry... :( These poems are so sad, and they're really good. I feel so bad for the dead. :( You're pretty good at this writing. :)
5/25/2016 c3 8KillWilson
Okay. That was...that. Care to explain and/or elaborate?
3/29/2015 c2 19Smiling Seshat
A shame this is so short.
9/24/2014 c2 crinj
I reckon you could get more reviews by making the summary more interesting, and also elaborating a bit more
9/22/2014 c2 36Aphrodite Child
Nice care to explain?
9/10/2014 c1 1aVerySadBean
I love it! I changed I a bit and write it down for myself:

Covered in white
A snow like bed
But something is wrong
I am bathed in red.

I like yours to
3/1/2014 c1 Hmmmmm
Intresting. Care to elaborate?

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