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5/1/2017 c26 Under Of Flower
Ever thinking do Owari No Seraph Parody like see that lolz
3/25/2017 c26 10Magnusrae
Oh... I can't believe it is done! It made me laugh, but now I'm sad that there will be no more. Whichever new project you choose, I look forward to reading it!

You got some really good one liners in here, such as: Jujaku referring to someone as a 'son of human female'. I got the biggest kick out of that. As for his 'attack' on the Escaflowne's leg... well, that elicited a smile as well.

Folken being told to just stand there and look cute was awesome. Selena taking a match near Allen's wardrobe, yeah, no Dilandau there. ;)
Hitomi and Van's moments were really good ("I can feel my ovaries shriveling up") and I especially loved the goodbye scene where all the ghosts made comments and Van "accidentally" threw the energist away. And Folken got to slap the back of Van's head, because, yeah, who wouldn't want to see that? The whole chapter was very well done and like I said, my only regret is that it is over.

Congrats on finishing it and hope to read more from you soon!
3/21/2017 c26 Guest
congratulations on finishing this story! i'm so happy you made it to the end. just when i thought I knew what was happening next you add something out of the blue. despite the changes you made you were able to keep the characters in their own unique personality for this story. thank you for the wild adventure D
2/20/2017 c25 Magnusrae
Hitomi and Folken should talk all the time, because it is hilarious when they do. Seriously, I giggled through every scene that they had together, especially the first. And him making her scream just to summon the beam of light? Priceless.

Also loved Dornkirk's beard (Rapunzel), Allen looking for Selena (she has a dick now, that might be confusing) Dilandau... because s/he's always funny, Dornkirk's death scene and Van sensing that Hitomi was laughing at someone else's joke. Such a pity we're at the end...
1/31/2017 c25 7Tahkaullus01
Oh my god... you saved Gong Man!
12/29/2016 c24 10Magnusrae
I wish I could see Folken get hit in the face with a bra. The look of horror on his face as he hisses 'get this off of me' would be priceless to see. Awesome part of the story. Just Awesome!

Also loved Dornkirk needing his sorcerers to dumb down what they were saying to the point where they had to get out the visual aids. Hitomi gagging while trying to describe Amano in a favorable light, plus her long, long journey home, plus her refusing (at least initially) to return to Gaia. Yukari, how -did- you get over to turn on that light? Allen trying to explain the whole Selena/Dilandau thing as being 'just a phase, one where she has a penis'. And thank god Eries was there to be a responsible adult. (want some matches, sweetie?)

Getting close to the end, huh? Too bad, I have greatly enjoyed reading through this story and reliving my memories of EscaFlowne. But I look forward seeing how you end it all. Cheers!
12/29/2016 c23 Magnusrae
I have to disagree with Hitomi, the battle was one of the best scenes! So much of it was funny: Dilandau's "What's better than a flamethrower? Two Flamethrowers!" Jajuka getting his hair done at PetSmart, the ice cream truck, Allen mistaking the Flying Fortress as a zit... honestly I laughed the whole way through it.

Also like Hitomi's epiphany that she didn't learn her lesson the last time she tried to interfere with Allan and Millerna, her conversation with Folken and the beginning of the story where there was general trash talking during the charity work. Oh, and how can I forget her condemning the use of violence directly before hitting Allen in the balls. :D
10/28/2016 c22 Magnusrae
Loved how Van shook Hitomi out of her vision with an urgent "We don't have time for that!" Like they were ever conveniently timed. Ruhm, the beast man, and Van's exposition reintroducing him to us was awesome, as well as the whole meeting with Van and Folken (the bear trap, ha ha!) and Of course Hitomi trying to jump Folken in the ruins and Folken stabbing his foot with the sword at the end. Loved the chapter title to this one as well and the sarcasm that laced the beginning of it. (Van skipping through the woods in the middle of the night for no apparent reason; people needing to explain other people's long-winded speeches) And, very randomly, I got a big kick out of Dornkirk's blender, and the lack of seatbelts on the Escaflowne. Thanks for the update!
10/22/2016 c3 theladyhitomi
This is fucking amazing. Seriously...I love this show but you have made it so much better.
10/21/2016 c22 Guest
lol! I was laughing throughout the whole chapter! I just finished the series again in the subtitled version. Loved seeing the parts that were cut out from the dub. Sad to know your story is almost over but I can't wait to read how it ends!
9/28/2016 c21 Magnusrae
Loved, loved, loved how you brought up the cat-girls laying on each other thing multiple times in this chapter! And the fact that everyone was disturbed by it. Got a smile out of me, every time.

Let's see, there were a lot of laughs in this one. Folken's flammable capes, Hitomi's cooperation with being kidnapped (Folken's not going to do himself, lol), Gadess and Allen (that's where I'd go after killing A), Van and Esca (you want to find my dick?) and Nariya grooming Hitomi (because, cat girl, duh). As far as comedy pairs go, I'd have to say that Van and Escaflowne got a lot of good lines this time around, but Hitomi always seems to win with her one-liners, maybe because everyone around her acts like they act. Her frustrated "Oh, just take me" at the beginning kind of sums it up. But one of my favorites was the very faint "noooo" when Nariya figured out that she wanted to be taken to Folken. That and blaming the dishes on Merle, because who wouldn't at that point? Thanks for the chapter!
8/27/2016 c20 Magnusrae
Oh God. . . "that weird thing that they do when they lay on top of one another". Yes, thank you, because I clearly remember that scene and thinking "what the F?" And you even had Folken point it out. Loved the flashback scene where the cat girls first met Folken, because the "I have a box" and YouTube comments made me laugh. And Van wanting to punch Folken in the voice was priceless. Allen trying to hide under Millerna's skirt and Dryden getting beat up for messing up her dress were excellent scenes, but I also liked Hitomi getting chased for her roll in trying to change fates (because, let's face it, she deserved it) and the ending with the girls. Looking forward to the next one! And more Folken, because Hitomi's right, he's hot. ;)
8/13/2016 c19 Magnusrae
Ah, I remember this episode. Van is a total idiot in this; you didn't even have to spoof it that much because he was just that bad. Folken was so right about his lack of chances.
Speaking of; the screen switch right after Folken did NOT suggest the M-word with a minor is reversed. I think it should be from Zaiback back to Austoria, instead of the other way around.

Hitome as you write her quite simply rocks. I wish she was more liked this in the show. Between the swearing and the violence and her lack of drooling over the two main 'love' interests, she is just more interesting this way. Plus, I loved the line about getting her tarot cards washed, followed by shoving Millerna out a window. Classic.
7/23/2016 c19 7Tahkaullus01
Aww that's sad...

...oh well, moving on. Next chapter is the wedding. I expect Rains of Castamere to be played with as many other references to Game of Thrones you can manage.
6/4/2016 c18 10Magnusrae
Ooh! This chapter was so good; and now you're telling me I will have to wait for the next one? Darn it!
Just kidding! I understand. But I wasn't kidding about how good this chapter was. There were several laugh out loud moments here that I thought were great. Merle hiding under a bed and swiping at legs sticks out in my mind, as well as Millerna pointing out to Dryden how easy it would be to find the others. I also liked how she tried to sic Gadass on Allen (you don't even have to say please,lol) Dryden's so called "plan" to stop the Zaiback empire, hee hee. And, of course Hitomi rightfully banging her head against the bars of her cage, poor thing. Dornkirk's back, however, made me shudder. ;)

Really great chapter with a lot of snappy dialogue and tense situations turned into humorous, ridiculous moments... what's not to like? Thanks for lightening up my day with your quirky sense of humor! And good luck on your other projects!
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