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11/11/2014 c5 2VictorOfArda
Hey guys, I just wanted to say that I'm sorry I've been away for so long! I've been dealing with school and work a lot, but I'm still writing. I haven't stopped this story! I'm working on it now, actually.

As for why I'm writing this in the comments section... I just didn't feel like uploading another Word document. Being a lazy bum, nothing out of the ordinary for me lol. But, thanks for reading, thanks for the support, and thank you to the people who have checked up on me. It's appreciated! Xoxo!

Someone drop me a line sometime!
9/30/2014 c5 1j'aime.volonte
What a kick-a s s chapter! I really don't think it was 'tell-heavy' in a negative way at all. I think you worry that this was some arbitrary filler-chapter and it SO was not. Sometimes small new discoveries are just as important as the larger ones... and not every chapter needs to be action-filled. In fact, you are a great storyteller. The story of Sabi and his friend, Dauda, had me tearing up a little. No joke. Of course I wanted to know how Ariadne was doing... but that just means that I'll be even MORE excited to read your next chapter!
9/21/2014 c3 Lionheart
It's good,descriptive and it seems like a elaborate spy movie mixed with dry humor.I like it keep it up
8/19/2014 c5 Spilt Tea
So. freaking. good.
7/28/2014 c3 Spilt Tea
Seriously, mind blown! This is great! I am hoping you choose to change the rating to M... because everything is so well-written I want the romance to be just as detailed. wink wink.
7/28/2014 c1 Spilt Tea
I already LOVE IT! So original!
6/24/2014 c4 j'aime.volonte
'Lola'... HA! Another great chapter! I can't wait for more! Ariadne totally kicks buttocks... I'm really excited to see what kind of danger you are going to put her in. :D
6/23/2014 c4 5The Disappearing Me
Very interested! Actually, this story has a bit of suspense to it, as I'm sure you intended, to the point where while reading it I actually started to feel my room turning from warm and cozy into dark and creepy. It was such a weird experience, but I guess I was just super into the chapter! lol Great job! :)
6/6/2014 c3 1j'aime.volonte
This is fabulous! Such an original idea! Imagine me reading this and the smile on my face just keeps getting bigger and bigger. :D I probably look demented! The characters are well-portrayed... seriously... I can hear their voices in my head as I read! Do. Not. Stop. Writing. This. Story.
4/30/2014 c3 5The Disappearing Me
Really, REALLY great story so far. I think that you have very seamlessly merged the two worlds together and I'm REALLY excited to see where you take this! Great job - keep writing! :)
3/3/2014 c1 9becky199469
This is actually pretty good :) i like how you started straight into an action scene no boring beginning well done
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