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10/15 c25 10Junior VB
Arya y Gendry van a conocer a Magneto.
Arya and Gendry are going to meet Magneto.
10/15 c24 Junior VB
Aunque Viserys fue cruel, una parte de Dany todavía lo extraña.

Es dulce cómo Clynt defendió a Sam y Tyrion.
Although Viserys was cruel, a part of Dany still misses him.

It's sweet how Clynt defended Sam and Tyrion.
7/12 c14 Panda.k1ng
Westerosi brand Iron man vs The Hulk
7/12 c2 Panda.k1ng
I smell Westerosi brand repulsive on the horizon. Beautiful ozone.
6/3 c24 sinteki
I think it would be cool is Natasha was a Faceless Man
6/3 c10 Zurver
6/3 c9 Zurver
I offer you my deepest condolences. May God grant you strength to recover from your loss.
6/3 c8 Zurver
Hahahh even you read too much fanfics author. A good surprise, I can’t wait to see how Dany’s new protector progresses here.
6/3 c8 Zurver
“Aiding the Viserys.” What are you? A Russian? The only people who add ‘the’ before names are Russians.
6/2 c4 Zurver
I don’t care that most people who comments say Tony’s is being so childlish all the time. He’s not childlish, he’s mostly a wise, smart man with a sense of humour. A good man who lives with his own rules. Doesn’t make him 100% childlish. Shut that trap of yours people.
5/29 c14 RadioPoisoning
Everyone here is rated R while Tony is PG-13 tops
5/26 c29 8ZenJack
Wow. What a downer of a chapter. I don't even like Sansa.
5/25 c33 cameron1812
This has been such a fun, wild ride. Thank you so much!
5/25 c1 10Knightowl 4183
Nice chapter and a well reasoned argument about not going with what is in the world's culture and the stupidity of it. I mean for example they are doing a Justice League/RWBY crossover officially, and they went the right way of doing it. Namely showing the Native Remnant versions of them that fit into the world and mythos.

Superman being a farm boy whose semblance gives him all this power...during the day as long as the sun is out. Batman being a Bat Faunus wearing ninja like gear, Aquaman being some kind of fish Faunus, and Flash like Superman has a unique semblance.

That is the right kind of integration!

As for Ser Roggers... Why not have it where he was a boy who was non-bastard sent to the Wall due to weak constitution and having overcome greyscale as a child, eventually treated by a Wiseman outcast of the Wyldlings who had discovered medicinal uses for Weirwood sap, leaves, and even bark.

Said treatment saves the sickly Roggers, allowing him to not only recover, but flourish. He of course takes in the kindly Wiseman, who draws attention from people starting with the Starks, and then Maesters until he is sought by Aerys... Who ends up killing him in his madness.

Yet it would be interesting if the man's first apprentice became the Red Skull, who had been turned by the Others, but seemed to die. Only to awaken alive, with his skin peeled off to show new red skin that conformed closely with his muscles, and leaving him resembling a skull with muscle still covering it.

Meanwhile Roggers is killed after his battle with the marauding Skull, becomes an Other that continues to fight them after rejecting them, and so they freeze him. Only for him to break free decades later, a human man again...
5/24 c5 Zack Sager
glad to see Tony smart for all hs faults we cant say he isn't one of the most smartest and intelligent person around
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