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6/27/2020 c10 7Ghost-and-Miracle42
Tyrion should write a book. Imagine if the entirety of Game of Thrones were written by Tyrion. It would be like Percy Jackson’s internal monologue, but with a fuck tonne more swearing. Also porn jokes.
Sorry I dropped off the radar; remote exams suck. But I am back now, and the next month is going to be full of writing and reading.
As an aside, did you find any Spider-Man/Spider-Gwen stories that you liked?
Regards, Miracle.
6/22/2020 c33 15Vanessa Masters
That was the powerful, though. They thought they owned those under them. That was what Joffrey had thought when Sandor had made it clear he would be standing watch over Sansa Stark's body as it lay in state within the Red Keep. The boy had turned crimson and snarled that he wasn't allowed to, that he was to protect his king… and then Sandor had moved towards him, climbing the steps to the Iron Throne and causing the boy to lean back until the back of his blonde little head had scrapped against one of the blades that made up the ugly ass chair. He'd looked down upon him, Joffrey's ear and half his face still swaddled in linen as Pycelle desperately tried to repair the damage the Iron Man had done, and told the king he was watching over the girl. The boy had finally gotten the sense to nod and Sandor had left him to spill his blood and, if Sandor's nose was right, piss all over the damn throne.

"Fucking idiots, the lot of them," he muttered to Sansa's cold body. The Silent Sisters had done their best to make her look beautiful and perfect. To undo what Joffrey had done to her in his rage, like a mother mending a broken doll for their spoiled child. She'd wanted her life to be a fairytale and now she looked like a princess under some bewitchment with only a knight of the Kingsguard to stand watch over her within the dark and quiet of a magical castle. Of course she wasn't under some spell. She was dead. Her skull smashed in by their idiot king during a tantrum. Her blood and brains had leaked onto the steps of Baelor's Sept in front of all of King's Landing. She wasn't in some beautiful castle but in the Red Keep, built by a monster who murdered those who had made it so he'd be the only one to know its secrets. And the knight standing over her was a butcher who was only a member of the Kingsguard because there was no one else in the Capital who wanted the damn job.



And Sansa body possessed! O.o well, corpse possessed. Drama!
6/22/2020 c32 Vanessa Masters
No, he just likes to copy me," Fury grunted. "Even has a pretty little line too, from what I hear. "The last time I trusted someone I lost an eye". Bloody mummer."

Varys chuckled before growing serious. "Eddard Stark lives. It was a close call... Joffrey nearly had his head."

"Shit," Fury grunted. "That would have been a death blow. How did you manage to save him?"

"I wish I could claim responsibility but it was our dear Iron Man who saved the day."

"Which one?" Fury asked, crossing his arms over his chest. "Antony or Jon?"

"Antony, though I hear now that the newly named Jon Stark has been given his own armor and goes by the name Centurion."

"Two flying knights," Fury rumbled. "Joyous."

"Isn't it?" Varys teased, knowing for Fury it was anything but. "What does the council say?"

Fury let out a sigh at that, his lips forming a thin line so that he resembled his eldest brother in Varys' eyes... though he'd never tell Fury that. "They think it is just an aberration. A chance occurrence. There was some talk of me making contact... one ever suggested I just sneak into his house and surprise him in the middle of the night. Give the whole speech, 'You've just entered into a bigger universe... you just don't know it yet.' "

"Hmm, I remember it being a bit more... grand... when you used it to recruit me." Fury chuckled at that. "So the council isn't concerned. And you?" Varys pressed.

Fury was silent for a long period. "I think... that it is the heralding of a new age."

Varys swallowed at that. "One of minor note... or the one we have all feared?"

"We've feared," Fury stated. He shut his good eye for a moment, gathering himself. "I've been North of the Wall, old friend. I've seen them. They've awakened"

Varys suddenly felt very warm... and very cold.

"Have you..." he hated how his voice broke when he spoke and he cleared his throat in an attempt to steady himself. "Has the Court awakened?"

"...I don't know," Fury admitted. Varys licked his lips, knowing that if there was one thing Fury hated it was not knowing something. The man was cautious to near paranoia. "But what I do know, what I feel in my bones... is that Antony Stark is a part of this."



And Dany is now both mother of dragons AND Firestar?! I didn’t see that coming, her a mutant now too.
6/22/2020 c31 Vanessa Masters
Ned safe, and he tells Jon the truth.

Oh and he lets Cat have it good, which she deserves.
6/22/2020 c30 Vanessa Masters
So finally, Tyrion gets recognition form his father as being more competent than his siblings and even to be left his fathers lands. It’s unbelievable, but these are increasingly changing times. So, he goes to kings landing, and hopefully he gets some respect.
6/21/2020 c29 Vanessa Masters
Joffrey looked about wildly, as if the mere fact that what he wanted had not come to pass had broken his brain like a tossed about child's toy. He turned to the Small Council but seeing none move to aid him he gestured wildly at the crowd. "What are you waiting for? Kill him! Take him! Your king commands it!"

"And what a king," Iron Man said snidely. "Refuses to listen to the council of his elders. Shows disgrace for a woman he calls his lady. Denies mercy to those that admit their mistakes and who their father loved as a brother. And now demands his subjects do what he is too cowardly to do." Antony scoffed. "Oh… the songs they will sing of you."

"You dare?" Joffrey hissed.

"Yeah yeah, I dare," Antony said, getting tired of Joffrey's whines. "You thought I would stand there and let them hack me down? Kid… you've got a lot to learn." He held up his hands, magic crackling along his palms. "Starting with when to push a battle… and when to retreat." Joffrey looked ready to begin screaming again but, finally, some sense came to the Small Council and Cersei stepped forward, grabbing his arm and tugging him away.

"You… have declared war on the Seven Kingdoms," Pycelle told Antony, stammering in shock at the notion.

"No," Iron Man said, "just its king. What happens to Westeros depends on how long they let the little shit sit on the throne." Ned watched as the mystical energy in Antony's left gauntlet faded and his cousin pointed at a pale-faced Sansa while keeping his right training on Joffrey. "My lady? If you would come here? It's time for you and your father to go home."

Sansa stood frozen in place and Ned feared for a second she would refuse, choosing instead to remain and live out the princess fantasy that she'd been telling herself since she was a babe. But then the moment was shattered and Sansa hurriedly lifted her dress so she might rush to them. Ned heard Antony let out a sigh of relief, a bit of tension leaving his shoulders, while the crowd watched on like an audience at a mummer's performance. And that is what it felt like: the noble hero, betrayed after his moment of sacrifice, making it mean nothing, only for the being of magic to appear and save the day. But it wasn't a play. This was real and Ned swallowed again, his body shaking slightly as it dawned on him that, finally, the nightmare was over. They were going home.

And then Joffrey grabbed Sansa's arm.

"No!" he snarled, eyes blazing with madness. "You aren't going anywhere."

"Let me go!" Sansa cried out, struggling against his grip. But Joffrey only held on tighter, his knuckles going white as he bruised her arm. "You're hurting me!"

"You're mine! My lady! You don't get to leave!" Joffrey screamed, shaking her hard.

"You were going to kill my father!" Sansa shouted, fighting to break free.

"You are mine to do with as I wish!" Joffrey roared.

Sansa paused and stared at him before she growled, "I was never yours!"


Noooo! I’m crying! Sansa!

But Ned is alive...and Cersi lost her hand, a fitting punishment and Joffrey is mutilated on the face.
6/21/2020 c28 Vanessa Masters
"You think you can wipe the Starks out?" the Centurion said, standing up. He looked over at the Iron Man and, after getting the slightest of nods, reached up and removed the faceplate of helm. "You've done a poor job of it so far."

"The bastard," Gregor hissed, staring at the boy's face.

"You know," Iron Man said, rising in the air, hovering over just the edge of the pit as he reached up and removed his faceplate as well, "I really hate that word."


And Damn! What a violent, gory end, fitting of the mountain.
6/21/2020 c27 Vanessa Masters
Oh Varys, you fool, poor Ned won’t be spared. :(

And tony is off with Jon to save Pepper!
6/21/2020 c26 Vanessa Masters
Probably just as well that the mountain killed Obie, cause, you know.


And then there was Jon.

Jon, who she'd grown to care for. She didn't insult him by seeing him as her son, as he was far too old to be mothered. She knew that some women would have hated that, seen it as an insult, but she honestly didn't mind because she didn't see her or Tony ever having children. Tony simply didn't have the patience to raise a babe and for herself… Pepper knew herself well enough to know she'd make a terrible mother. She'd always suspected that, believing that she'd rule over a daughter or son too much, worry about things that were beyond all control and force them into actions they would hate and, in turn, hate her for forcing them into. She'd suspected she'd be a bad mother… and seeing so many of her own worst traits on display in Catelyn Stark only affirmed that she never wanted to risk raising a child.

No, in Jon she saw the little brother she had never had. Someone she could talk to, someone to spend time with but never feel as if one party was 'lesser' than the other. That was another thing about Catelyn Stark Pepper never wanted to emulate. She'd heard the whispers of how Catelyn Stark in her youth had basically ruled over her siblings and one only had the look at Lysa and Edmure to see how that had played out. Lysa Arryn was, if what she'd heard from the young Lady Barba Morse was true, a corpulent shrew who at times acted like she was an evil queen from a septa's tale and at other times a childish creature who didn't know up from down and screeched when she didn't get her way. And Edmure was just as flighty and foolish, forever trying to prove himself in all the wrong ways.

She cared for Jon. She wanted to him to grow into the great man Tony and her could see he could be. And so, despite her worry about her tardy husband, Pepper moved to the small room just to left of the entrance all and sat down in front of Jon, watching as the young man stared down at his hands, his right hand pinching his left handed knuckles, pulling at the skin and twisting ever so slightly.


Awww she cares. And is kidnapped!
6/21/2020 c25 Vanessa Masters
"Do you know who I am? What I am?" the man bellowed, drawing his sword. Syrio tilted his head, considering the knight for a moment.

And then… Syrio transformed.

Dimly Arya found herself thinking of a book whose pages were being quickly flipped through. Syrio's skin folded in on itself, starting at his face and moving down his body. His tanned skin, exotic in Westeros, become something unworldly as the flesh rippled and turned a deep blue with a hint of scale-like surface texture. Heavy muscles gave wave to feminine curves, though the frame was just as deadly looking. Curly black hair became slicked back short locks that were a deeper red than even Sansa's. His round face framed with a dark beard became sharp angular features with stern yet pouty lips. His clothing disappeared as she grew several inches, nothing left to the imagination as her heavy breasts rose and fell with every breath and even the junction between her legs was left bare for all to see. Golden eyes, like those of a cat, shone brightly as Syrio looked upon the startled guard, taking a step forward. Where once had been her dance instructor Arya now gazed at a nude woman of blue who looked like some creature from Old Nan's stories come to life.

"Do I know who you are? What you are?" 'Syrio' taunted before leaping into the air, her foot connecting with the gold cloak just to Trant's left, striking the weakest part of his skull and sending shards of bone into his brain. The man fell bonelessly to the ground, 'Syrio' continuing her descent as she hit the man to Ser Meryn's right, driving the palm of her hand into his throat so hard it collapsed his wind pipe and left him twitching on the ground, gasping for air that would never come. The Kingsguard tried to swing his sword but 'Syrio' easily dodged the clumsy swing and disarmed him before shoving him back, her flexible body allowing her to easily slam her bare foot against his throat, holding him in place against the wall. "Oh yes… it was people like you who made me afraid to go to the sept as a child." She kicked him once, causing him to hit the wall, and as he bounced back 'Syrio' grabbed his head and easily snapped his neck. Nodding to herself, the blue warrioress looked over at Arya and suddenly the hardness the girl had seen moments before faded and a look of compassion appeared on her features. "We need to go."

"How… how did you do that?" Arya whispered. "Is it magic? Are you a fairy or a sprite?"


Mystique! Awesome! And th at line from the first x men movie “it’s people like you that made me afraid to go to school as a child.”

And Arya, wondering if she can be blue.

Gendry! He’s coming along too it seems.
6/21/2020 c24 Vanessa Masters
Oh, well, Tyrion saved, but what next I wonder?
6/21/2020 c23 Vanessa Masters
Instead he stated, "But he can build armor and weapons, which we will need." Of course Gregor would only think of death and now how an army would deal it. "I need him not for his skill in battle but to lead our smiths. And he does have men he can commit to the fields while he repairs and replaces our damaged weapons. Should we need to siege Winterfell it will be handy to have his mind at work on how to do it." Tywin rubbed his chin. "Send word to his man, the foreign knight. He is to lead Lord Stark's division to join us. Lord Stark will be given a week to put his house in order once he returns and gather what tools he needs before he is to join us… and brings Ned Stark's bastard with him."

Rowan frowned at that. "This Jon Snow-"

"Stark," Tywin reminded him. "Antony has legitimized him as heir. I wish to see what the boy is capable of. If Lord Stark is so sure he and his good wife will not produce heirs I must see who will take over Iron Pointe. Furthermore… our Hand cared for his bastard and it is wise to keep a hostage ready, if one needs to… make an example."

"Jon Stark will serve another purpose," Kevan added.


Oh no! Things are coming out, moved made and I’m all sorts worried!
6/21/2020 c22 Vanessa Masters
Oh Ned, lucky Tony was there to save your hide. Yep, geldny or whatever, the blacksmith boy is Robert son and tony knows that Jon is not Ned.

Well, that was invigorating!
6/21/2020 c21 Vanessa Masters
And you think Iron Man will change things?"

"He already has," Syrio stated. "The people of this realm have begun to open their eyes to the greater world and finally begin to see that there is much more out there than their petty concerns." Arya frowned at that but Syrio wagged his finger at her. "Oh, you don't like what Syrio says? But you know in your heart it to be true. All men have little thoughts and wants, it is in our nature. Even you, young one... you wanted to learn to fight because you sought to stand out from your mother and sister and channel the rage you felt at the little blond cunt that killed the baker's boy." Arya glowered but silently admitted that her 'dance instructor' was correct. Flashing a victorious smirk Syrio leaned back, his eyes half closed. "Most important of all is that this Iron Man has been an awakening for those that will use their own power more wisely. It shows them that soon the time will come for them to reveal themselves and make their stand."

Arya's forehead crinkled at that. "What do you mean about using powers wisely?"

Syrio sighed, "I know you worship this Iron Man for what he has done but even you must see he is quite foolish in saving people as he does?"

"How can you say that?" Arya demanded, her temper flashing. Syrio slowly opened his eyes, catching her gaze and Arya took a calming breath. They had been working on her temper, as Syrio said that losing herself to rage in a battle was a deathwish as that was when one was most clumsy. When she was a touch calmer she asked, "Do you think he will be hunted down by the Wardens and killed? Is that why he should-"

Syrio's laughter cut her off and Arya gave him such a sour look that, had the Queen come in at that moment, she would have thought that Arya was actually her long-lost daughter merely dressed up as a Stark. When her instructor finally calmed himself he said, "Your kingdom is ruled by fat fools who can barely wipe their own asses and even then they need twenty bannermen to make sure they strike the right hole! The Iron Man has nothing to fear from them." Syrio ran his hand along his brow, rolling his eyes skyward. "No, what makes him almost as foolish as those that rule your Seven Kingdoms is how he wastes his time and his life defending those that will turn on him the moment it is worth their time."

Arya shook her head. "No... the people love him..."

"I met rich merchant in Pentos once. He had done much for the people there, paid fair wages. And yet his servants called him a goblin under their breath when he asked them to do a distasteful task. I asked him why he allowed them to do so and he said it was simply human nature. He told me 'the only thing the people love more than a hero is to see a hero fail, fall... die trying'. The people of your Seven Kingdoms will rally to this Iron Man now, cheer his name and speak of how they'd wait in the rain just for a glimpse of the one that taught them to hold on for a second longer. But when he doesn't do as they wish, even for a moment, they will turn on him."

"I can't believe that," Arya stated.

He has a point, a bit.

Magneto?! O.o
6/21/2020 c20 Vanessa Masters
'Then why I am floating 20 feet off the ground wearing this damn armor if I know it's so foolish?' Jon thought to himself as he looked down at the panicked villagers and marauding raiders that milled down below him. 'Surely Tony could have come up with a better plan than me flying around risking my neck! And even he couldn't why was I insane enough to agree?'

The answer was quite simple and it repeated in his head even as he floated above the burning village. It came in the way of a proclamation, written on parchment and flown on raven's wings to Iron Pointe over a month ago:

"By the decree of His Grace, Robert of the House Baratheon, First of His Name, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm, from this day forth Jon Snow, bastard of Eddard of the House Stark, is legitimized and shall be known as Jon Stark, first of his name, heir of Lord Antony Stark, Lord of Iron Pointe, from this day until his last"

Legitimized. Tony had legitimized him. Though he had been born a bastard no longer would his name proclaim that shame to the world. He was Jon Stark, the future Lord of Iron Pointe. His father had allowed him to keep the name Snow, Lady Stark had used it to attack him, Theon Greyjoy had held it as a way to mock him... and Tony had ripped it away. That was why he now did what he did. Tony Stark had given him a new life... and Jon would use it to aid the man in his quest to avenge the people of Westeros.

Even if it was from those that should be their protectors.


Awww tony, so glad he did that.

Oooh! Jon in e armor now.
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