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5/27 c1 2SilverSurfer24
I'm sorry to hear what happened to you, and it's a shame that you'll stop writing this story, but I also have to say that I strongly disagree with your mention of the sexualization of Naruto*s and Boruto's characters (children).

First and foremost, they aren't children, they are fictional characters, and it is my view that an author-indipendent of age-should be capable of seperating fiction from reality. Otherwise we wouldn't have gotten many of the great stories that we do have on this platform and in mainstream media.

A middle aged author should never feel ashamed for writing a teen romance, love story or an anime with young characters. I would never look down upon an author for writing anything, not even if I found out that a middle aged man wrote the script of a loli hentai.

Why should I? It's fiction and the author made an effort to write a story, and probably got paid handsomley for it.

I'm not shaming your ideals, I would never do such a thing, but I just find it so utterly disheartening to see so many people who would take fiction at face value and see it as far more real than it is. It's fiction.

No one should feel bad for enjoying an Anime, not even if your are 80 years old. No one should feel bad for enjoying the look of any given Manga heroine, no matter how old, or young you are, because its not real.

True I fully agree that the Sarada fanservice in Boruto is way over the line, and I'm curious why Kishi would allow something like that to happen, but again it's fiction. The only thing I am concerned about is the fact that Sarada's character might be ruined because of this descision, and not that I'm an asshole for watching and even enjoying it.

Because again, I know that it's fiction, not reality.
5/26 c2 Guest
5/22 c5 omarbaseer07
wasn't the Uchida taijutsu style called the interceptor fist ?
it sounds better than 'gliding edge' lol
5/14 c44 Guest
do suki and sakura hates naruto
5/9 c33 Red haired shanksu
Men I was hoping to find something good of a story but this is insane! You took all naruto's moments from him and give them to sasuke and Sakura just to show how powerful they are... And if it's supposed to be dark Naruto then make him at least strong enough to be edgy canon pre shippuden Sasuke but this Naruto is not even close to canon part 1 Naruto you made him that weak. There is nothing but bs drama up to this point Naruto is nothing but a guy whose supposed to end up with sasuke but from what it looks like he will die in the end and sasuke will save the ninja world from him men this isn't justice for Naruto.
5/6 c8 Fgougeon
Light brown
5/3 c3 ankitmahat
This Mizuki is actually far smarter than the Mizuki shown in Canon. Good for him. A pity that he died.
4/23 c1 fasofasn
Thank you for updating us, and I'm incredibly sorry about what you've had to go through. No one deserves to deal with somethign like that, and the fact that it was at the hands of two rather well-respected writers in the community makes me frustrated beyond belief.

While it does sadden me that you'll never finish this story, thank you so much for taking the time to write out a final chapter outlining your plans for it. I've never been as invested in a fanfiction ship as i am in Naruto and Satsuki's, and the closure i, as well as other readers i recommended this fic to, will receive from knowing what you had planned out for them makes me really, really happy. Those two definitely deserve their own happily ever after with each other, as do you.
4/23 c44 fasofasn
holy mother of god, i'm so sorry you had to go through what you did. people like that are scum.

i'm truly grateful that you decided to come back and update us on the situation. this story has inarguably been my favourite fanfiction...ever, to be honest, and it really did make me sad when i found out that you stopped updating. i look forward to the chapter you mentioned you were working on that would outline your plans, notes, etc. i think it would give both us as readers, and you as an author, some closure regarding how the story would end. i've never been as invested in a fanfiction relationship as i am in Naruto's and Satsuki's, and the fact that i'll finally know what you had planned out for them makes me incredibly happy. They definitely deserve their own happily ever after with each other.

from the bottom of my heart, thank you.
4/17 c1 shouldayearsago
I'm sorry those people did such horrible things, I won't lie I've only read up to chapter 13 in the past. I came back over from a story like yours that was recently updated that recommended your story several months ago. I happened to do just that today after reading the new update.

I think despite not reading the story the whole way, as I was waiting until the story was longer and forgot to return, it still hurts to see a fantastic story not get finished after so much hard work and time because of some of the literal snakes in the community. This storyline's romantic premise has gotten very popular and has some really great people writing really good story's, but I will always remember yours as one of the first, and for the time it was first published, definitely one of the best period.

To be honest I genuinely didn't like the story at first and it got worse the more "darker" things could get, now I understand and do appreciate it. I've never preferred story's were suffering lasts (despite liking darker story's) and I rarely read past the first couple chapters if the story feels such away, I feel that even in dark story's actual suffering is a hard thing for me to read, but I think the way you created the world in this story and made so many choices/paths is worth a read no matter how emotional tough(?) some chapters (or arc's) are. Unfortunately this story won't see another update and you probably won't see this either, but I have something I personally want to say even if this sounds petty, first I felt damn close to crying from your tragic event and secondly I'm sad that I waited so long to read this story for a second time only to reread it and like it so much more, but know that it will fade away without completion and that your own personal liking to the original material has been crushed.

I'm greatful you made this story and inspired many other writers to make similar story's whether the tone of the story was different or not. I'm sad you ran into the wrong people in what has been the right community for many, because there could have been a path where at the end of this story both the story and you could have an amazing uplifting end. And now that can't happen for this story, but hopefully it happens for you.

It's a annoying feeling to now read though the now technically whole/complete story and see so such of the original Naruto's series brand of deadly hardships and suffering with nothing to pay it off in the end, the story ends with a seven fingered MC, several other broken characters and some just never mentioned again that we the readers with never know what they were doing or what the payoff was.

I know that what I've wrote might feel off the mark or even a insult and if you saw this you'd probably would disagree with some of it, but I think no matter what this story will stick in my mind. I hope you're in a better/safe place. Good luck with your future artistic plans. I hope this isn't the last time I see you in this series. I can't stress it anymore when I say this story feels like a hidden gem you would find in the 2011-2016 years of the series and this website.
4/16 c1 2Employee 427
Heyo, really sorry to hear about all that happened and you’re 100% right about the franchise. Full support in stepping away from it and I hope you’re doing well. No buts about it.

I do wanna say thank you for writing it. Having discovered the story when I was like 13 back in 2015 and still had that lower bar set for the quality of work on sites like this, this was the first one that helped me realize that a format like fanfic could actually have literary merit. It’s had a big enough impact on how I write that I still came back to it a lot over the years. So, yeah, I dunno, do with that information whatever you want. I’m glad it’s still around as it’s always a treat to reread all the parts that I find myself thinking back to when I get stuck on things.

Hope you find success on all future ventures, projects, endeavors, etc. with regards to writing or otherwise. You’re a strong n talented person and should be proud of that.
4/7 c1 5Nothingspecial43
Im... At a lost for words...

Not because of your story, no its beautiful story that I wish you continued because I always love coming back to this story even when you were updating it. But, I'm at a lost of words of what cause you to lose your passion in writing this... Amazing story, albeit how flaw you see it now.

I can't describe how much I love this story; mostly cause imo, their's nothing I hated but love every inch in this journey of a story this was. How Satusuki grew and how Naruto both fallen but grew in a flipsided tail. Every character, every move they make is written with care and love that its soooo good.

I can't possibly imagine what you went through or going through but I hope you get better. Your writing is so good that I would love to see you hop on a bag wagon again to write something. Of course, your health is far more important then writing, and hopefully I'll see you write something again. You were the first person to inspire me to write a Naruto and Satuski story, and whiles I struggle to write it, it all the more comes from the respect and love you treat your story.

If you ever want someone to talk too, maybe to get something off your chest, I'm here and there, but of course I'll message when I can. See ya whenever
4/4 c1 6Dome of Bones
It's sad to see such a tale end this way, though all things must end eventually, and often not how we want them to.

My deepest condolences for what you have had to go through. Fully understandable why you'd want to step back and wash your hands of it. Thank you for all the quality work you've put out up until now.

I wish you good luck in any future endeavors.
3/30 c37 6Arrexu
lol i stopped reading after chapter 36. and i returned after a few years and wtf xD? i forgot what happened lmao. hinata died?
3/22 c43 1WriteGameSaitama
you did an amazing job on this story. I really hope you can overcome your trauma and enjoy writing again one day. take however much time you need and focus on your happiness. have a great day!
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