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6/25 c44 Omnireceptacle
In the Abyss was better
6/20 c1 Llewey
General store bought tomatoes are subpar but ive had some plucked fresh off one of them organic growers and it hit the spot
6/6 c1 Pixie Duck
You know, I sympathised with you until you started going full idiot by claiming Kishimoto sexualizing children and saying stupid shit like "I'm 25 so I'm no longer allowed to write child characters".

What kind of idiotic shit is this?
6/5 c3 Mnchblackname
Joder estuvo muy emotivo
6/5 c1 Mnchblackname
Jose que buen capitulo
6/2 c28 dalvinman
i am confused, why the hell its becoming sakura centric all of a sudden? sakura this ,sakura that
4/11 c44 JongFreeces
If you actually felt this way you would delete it instead of allowing it to stay, perpetuate such things. Just upload a separate story adressing it.
2/19 c44 4MelloKai
I read all this knowing it had no expressed ending, but it seems poetic that it sends wirh the idea of not knowing what happens. “There were no footprints, just ash. Because thats what ninja do.”

The world we live in is broken and Im sorry that it hurt you. I am praying for you, for healing and recovery from that pain. Shoot me a PM if you ever want to chat.
1/6 c10 Guest
Cool buy would have been better if it was sakura bashing
12/7/2023 c44 1bibink729
11/16/2023 c1 Unfortunate
Your first mistake was not realizing the standards of our actual world/society cannot be placed on theirs. A world where it’s the norm for human children to enter academies to kill each other as young as 6, where there’s been the span of 3 world wars in just a few generations. Regardless, I can understand why you not longer wish to continue this fic which is quite unfortunate. Good luck to you
11/9/2023 c44 Guest
I’m sad to know this will never be finished tbh, the first half of the story was genuinely amazing and very well written. I absolutely loved the way naruto and satsukis dynamic was written. It really had me thinking naruto would’ve been better if sasuke was a female. That being said, it felt the plot became to disorganized and very weirdly written starting when naruto decided to leave the village. That’s when the story took a nose dive for me. Regardless, I had a good time reading, thank you for that. I’m sorry for whatever caused you to abandon this fic, can’t judge you for your decision. Hope you’re doing well.
10/31/2023 c18 Diablo06
why is he such a simp sh*t's annoying for real
10/17/2023 c1 kharlsonn123
Is this a fem sasuke fic
10/16/2023 c1 CBA logging in
Dear reviewer (who valiantly chose not to be named)

You might benefit from reading the first 3 words of the story, which show the date

Just about 3000 of these reviews were left prior to me writing the note.

You could find this amazing information yourself using the Power of Comprehension.

the rest of what you have to say really "speaks for itself" but thought Id help out with the dates, pretty embarrassing miss

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