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9/1/2018 c6 Guest
*slides over fictional version of your favorite dessert* Here’s some dessert as an award for an amazing fanfiction! 10/10 job, you’re writing style is amazing! Just the way you’re writing your characters, I know there’s going to be beautiful character development and friendship. I hope you update soon!
1/18/2015 c6 Guest
Has anyone told you how wonderful this fix is? I love it!
6/18/2014 c6 12RandomObsessions123
I know it's been a while, but can you please update this?
3/27/2014 c6 2blue-hart
cool i like the battle you wrote i was well thought out and the dynamics with faaiy was grate i felt like i was watching both Hetalia & W.I.T.C.H. all at once keep up the good work k.
3/24/2014 c5 blue-hart
wow this is coming along greatly also if you need help making there guardian uniforms i'll be more then happy to help manly Ivan.

also are you going to add something to each guardians power?

also if your ok with yaoi i would love to see Sadık X Ivan shipping
so pm me on your thought and update soon.
3/18/2014 c4 blue-hart
i like it but rely can next chapter be about Ivan?
rely cool story so update soon.
3/16/2014 c3 blue-hart
i rely like this story and can next chapter be Ivan bast pleas!.

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