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for Fact, I Love Her

6/15/2020 c46 evagreenph
Maam i just found this fic and im so in love with the little devil series <333
10/2/2019 c2 Guest
6 years later. Still my favourite. Thank you for this, I think about all of these stories at least once a week and they bring me so much happiness. You are such a gifted writer and, although you’ve probably grown up and grown past this, I hope you continue to write.
12/12/2018 c86 Evilshipper
You are without a doubt the best Foxxay and Bananun writer I have ever seen! Especially Bananun, I love the way you write possessed Mary Eunice/Satan and how they interact with Lana. I know it’s been a long time since this has been updated I just wondered with the new AHS episodes if you had been inspired? Your writing is amazing and would love to read more.
11/24/2018 c41 12fineskylarkk
This is so cute, my insides are burning.
11/24/2018 c17 fineskylarkk
This might be my new favorite little Foxxay oneshot.
11/24/2018 c8 fineskylarkk
... holy crap. Yes.
11/24/2018 c7 fineskylarkk
Hotgomery family fic.. warms my cold, dead heart. Thank you.
11/24/2018 c6 fineskylarkk
My Foxxay heart is bursting. 3
11/24/2018 c5 fineskylarkk
This scene absolutely broke my heart, but I loved it.
11/24/2018 c3 fineskylarkk
Ahhh, Hotgomery. Such an underrated ship. I adore them. 3
11/24/2018 c2 fineskylarkk
This is exactly how I would imagine a proposal from Misty going down. Loved it.
11/23/2018 c1 fineskylarkk
Welp, thought I could stop at just one but the first story was so sweet, I have to now read more. :,)
7/25/2018 c69 23TomorrowNeverCame
This is definitely one of my favorites—you managed to keep Mary perfectly in character even when she’s consiously going against her nature. And don’t think I didn’t notice it was chapter 69 XD
7/25/2018 c53 TomorrowNeverCame
Oh my god, she made the dog immortal, didn’t she? HAHAHAHA
7/24/2018 c30 TomorrowNeverCame
Omg this chapter literally made me squeal—I was hoping Billie would show up!
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