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for Unrequited Love

9/25/2014 c1 Refle
Really enjoyed your characterization of Nicolai here as well as the almost tragic Nicolai/Karin elements towards the interaction and dialogue between Nicolai and Veronica was interesting too. Both Nicolai and Veronica could be so creepy in the game and I felt like you captured that nicely.

Wish we'd seen more of Nicolai in SH:C. A rather tortured soul with such a fascinating back story. Loved his speech directed at Rasputin towards the end of Disc 1 concerning how Rasputin couldn't possibly win against Yuri. It would have been wonderful to have had more canon Nicolai/Karin written into the plot - they had a certain chemistry together, yeah?
3/14/2014 c1 NibelungValesti
This is such a fresh fanfiction(I mean fresh,as in posted a few days ago) and it makes me really happy to see that there are people out there who still care about Shadow Hearts!(and not just Alice x Yuri).Excuse me if this ends up being too long but I'm just really excited as it is pretty rare to find people who have even heard of SH.
Anyway,on to the is the first fanfiction I've read of you and I found it really dialogue was nice and I found all of it pretty well-written,I don't think I spotted any mistakes in the writing whatsoever which I really appreciate in the fanfictions I read.
As for the content,I am very pleased with your portrayal of the characters as I feel they are the ones I got to know in the game,no one seemed out of character and I enjoyed everyone's contribution and to think I could hardly care for felt like she made an impact too despite in reality not being a very important I guess you kept it within the boundaries of the game as opposed to going full on AU,which I also really liked about this.
Perhaps the only thing that disappointed me was the fact that this was so short *sad face*I would love to read more NicKar moments from you(despite not being a real supporter of the pairing XD).Keep up the good work,I'll probably check the rest of your SH stuff!Can't wait to see more stuff from you.

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