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12/20/2017 c28 FireIce
Gosh it's been YEARS, but you're finally done! :D Good job! It must be nice to have this story off your shoulders :)
That was a super sappy chapter and it put a smile on my face. Poor Kai though ;)
I don't watch the show anymore, but it's nice to come back and see the close to this and reminisce on what the characters were like (one day I will finish my own fic... One day!).
Thanks for sharing your writing. I really enjoyed reading your series with these guys way back when, and I'm glad I stuck around to see the end of Champion's Bane. :)

I wish you all the best and happy holidays,

12/21/2017 c28 19The Mayor of Ninjago City
Congratulations on the completion of your great story, AaC!
12/19/2017 c28 Kairocksrainbow
Awww! It's done!:( But still it was a wonderful masterpiece. :) Hehe The moment with Arwyn and Cole waa so cute! This has to be the greatest fanfic I have ever heard. Characters. Action. Plot. Everything was spot on fantastic. Thanks for creating this phenomenal book and hope you do more soon! Take care and god bless!
12/18/2017 c28 RandomDragon
WOO HOO! I was fearing that this would never be finished, I am so very glad that you did.

I honestly think that your story was amazing. I kinda got to admit, with all the time I had to think about this story, and wondering why Kai would be thinking about possibly cheating with his girlfriend I did think that they might have broken up or where having a very troubling time in their relationship.

Awesome story, and I hope you do more :D
12/18/2017 c28 3ForestBornNinjaGirl
OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S FINISHED! It's been one crazy ride and this ending was super satisfying for the story arc! I love how it trails off, leading back into the show's actual storyline ;) ALSO i caught that line from Kai about "getting a movie deal" AHAHAHA I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE xD

Everything leading up to Jay's letter to Nya was hilarious and perfect! I loved Cole and Kai ganging up on our poor blue ninja xD The letter itself was so touching and I love their engagement story and that the tattoos stand for the rings! But then learning about Renata was just soooo ugGgGhHhHHH My boy deserves happiness and a relationship toooo. *sobs* Someday... someday... Wu's talk with Kai after his fireball release of emotion was UNBELiEVABLE! You captured his aura of wisdom and peace SO PERFECTLY I AM BLOWN AWAY! It's such a spot on character - wise, caring, concerned, patient - AMAZING! We can only wonder what would have happened if Kai had opened up to Wu then... *thoughtful look*

I love that Cole and Kai gave the Tears to Hiro and let him turn back. Good guys through and through. And that ending with Arwyn, Cole, and some ice cream BEYOND CUTE *squeals*! I love how they understand each other so well, and love their teasing, flirty talk even mooore omg! CUTE! AND NOW ITS OVER!

Thank you thank you thank you for shaping these characters and this world. I'm forever grateful and amazed at the depths of emotions, life, and relationships you explore, especially through Kai's character. You made all of them come alive. You made me laugh and cry and laugh till I cried. I don't know if you're going to keep writing, whether this fandom, or just other cretive writing, but I hope this isn't the last work I see from you! So proud of you for finishing this amazing masterpiece! 3 :)
10/4/2017 c27 RandomDragon
Wow, I liked your first story a lot when I first found it on DA. I loved it and had been hoping to find a sequel. Who knew I would just happen to come across it exploring through FFN. Amazing job and I can't wait for the next chappie _
8/11/2017 c27 FireIce
This has come a long way hasn't it? :) I'm glad I stuck around though. You have talent. :)
I love the little detail you had about Wu and Garmadon. It really got to me.

Lucky Kai and Cole didn't have to face Arwyn's wrath at the insanity of a blood pact. XD

This is a really good chapter. Laughs, but also some good angst (I loved that bro talk). :)

My fingers are also crossed for your finale. :) Best wishes 'till then!
7/24/2017 c27 ForestBornNinjaGirl
Ahhhhhhh! THE CONVERSATION I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! It was wonderfully written and did not disappoint! I'm glad Kai got the chance to speak and tell Cole how that deal and the fight and the actions on both sides affected him. Kai is brash and does act on his emotions but here, we also get to see him vulnerable, how he doesn't trust himself and how he wishes a part of himself were dead, I was just so sad for him :( And then the blood-brothers hand shake, I was reading this on the bus and started tearing up! SO BEAUTIFUL AND POWERFUL :,)

After that, everything was so fluffy and sweet and full of humor; everything feels so GOOD, and after all that they've been through, the team definitely deserves some happiness and cheer. The "slumber party" in the game room and sensei wu joining in! YES AHAHA and i laughed out loud when Lloyd mentioned the PUPPET SHOWS kai does with him and how they almost burned the BOUNTY AHHAHAHA MY BOYS :D

Then the room makeover. I'm pleased you chose to address how they need to feel safe in their own home, and need to be able to overcome ALL aspects of this ordeal, and share with each other. You have such a good handle on the PTSD these characters are going through and i'm really glad to see that it's not forgotten. AND THEN COLE'S REPROPOSAL AHHH GOALS! It hurts knowing Kai still has these unreciprocated feelings for Arwyn - he's done so much for her and both of them have been through so much - it's clearly still a sore spot for him. But you can't blame Cole and Arwyn for wanting a moment alone. Poor kids. Can't wait for the last chapter to drop! I will be waiting with bated breath to see how it finally ends :) :) :)
7/24/2017 c27 Kairocksrainbow
Yay chapter update! Yeeeeeee! I squealed a bit when I saw this updated. XD The room you described was so detailed. Holy cow...It was perfect. Awesome job on that! Cole proposing to Arwyn was beautiful. AND one more thing,
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKK.(Had to let that out. XD) The Cole and Kai interaction was FANTASTIC!(Wanted to fangirl while I was reading it. xD) I LOVED IT SO MUCH! EEEK. I strongly love how Cole has a strong bond with Kai. IT'S PERFECT. Love how close they are with their brotherly relationship. IT'S AMAZING. Eeeee so hyped for Ch. 28! The bromance these two have...I ADORE IT SO MUCH! Brothers by blood? Very interesting... BUT STILL THAT INTERACTION was...just incredible. (Sorry I love Kai and Cole bromance moments. :3 ) See you around alligator!
7/23/2017 c27 11Loki God of Evil
That was a really pleasant chapter. Very well written too and Loki is somewhat intrigued by the bloodbonding of fire and earth, not to mention the rather quick healing properties of such a bloodpact...the mind boggles.
7/9/2017 c25 Kairocksrainbow
Hey there!(You can call me KRR or KR for short. :3) I read this whole story(and read Turning points. ) Let me say...Your writing is phenomenal. Love how you portray the characters. XD And Kai being my favorite ninja, Love the way you write him! It's great. :3 The other ninja you did a amazing job with! I love your OC. :3 She's awesome! I will forever ship Arwyn & Cole. Really hyped for Chapter 27!(And also to read the Cole and Kai interaction. :3 I love me some Cole and Kai moments! Besides them being my BROTP and OTP. :3) Fantastic job! Can't wait to read more!
7/8/2017 c24 2Winter's Resolve
“… Right now, Kai’s the one who needs all the attention,” – yas yas yas I couldn’t agree more Cole XD

Well of course, our fave fire-cracker was never gonna be the world’s greatest patient…. although his grouchiness was just one of the reasons I loved that med-bay scene. His whole tough-guy act was absolutely spot on- ‘I don’t need anybody to hold my hand let’s just GET ON WITH IT already and then LEAVE ME ALONE’ is totally Kai. You did a good job showing the complex mess going through the poor guy’s head as well – mostly severe pain, but also embarrassment at feeling ‘weak’ (esp. in front of his sis and Arwyn), denial that he wasn’t handling it too well and finally his extreme reluctance to even acknowledge what happened in the canyon. With his guilt and pain, he needs to either have his own space, or give everyone else the illusion he’s in complete control – even if he utterly isn’t. And of course in the med-bay he can’t do either of those, which is why we got several explosions…

The tension Jay and Cole (also Cole’s guilt) felt with Kai in such a state came across well too. And I loved the slight awkwardness there – they really wanted to look after their buddy, but he was such a terrible patient and everything had become such a mess that they really had no idea how.
Also, aww, that moment when Kai said “I’m not worthy” – was totally heart-breaking. Shows just how deep his guilt is regarding what he intended to do in the canyon.

And then that tension again, when Jay and Zane asked about what happened in the canyon… man, I could feel it! You’ve got me wondering now if they ever will find out, or if it will stay a secret as A, C & K intend… while I would love to see how you would tackle the former, I almost hope for Kai’s sake the latter remains… he really isn’t good at coping with other people seeing him in such a low state. I used to think that was because of ego- but now you’ve got me thinking it’s more because he can’t bear to let the people he loves down- they mean so much to him and he’s scared he’d lose them (or have them think him a monster) if they knew he wasn't as perfect as he tries to be.

Loved the Cole and Sensei interactions too – on the show, we never really get to see how Wu interacts with one student at a time, so I love that you make room for those moments here!

As always, thanks for the great read! Hopefully I’ll get around to reviewing the others sometime soon… even if I do it all out of order XD
Winter ~
6/26/2017 c25 Winter's Resolve
Starting my late reviews with this chappie coz it’s my fave!
Regarding that last part…Make Arwyn look like a Mary-Sue? Nope! Make Kai even more ‘real’ and relatable (and CUTE!)? HELL yes!
I totally just loved that last line (and the idea of Kai having unreturned feelings!)- always love reading about strong characters placed in vulnerable positions (and we’ve had lots of that, obviously! But for some reason, this conflict just kicks me in the feels the hardest…). The scene built up to that revelation nicely too, with perfect hints which got readers thinking about the possibility of those feels existing (like his guilt over the hand-hold (perfect!) and his distracted/‘oh everything’s totally fine’ attitude with the tough-boy talk etc.), but not knowing for absolute certain until that last line. Poor Kai!
And... OMG, this revelation gives us a whole new spin on the conflicting position Cole placed him in!… Not only was Kai asked to kill the ‘older brother he never had’ and loves dearly (a world of pain of its own), but on TOP of that, we now know just how much Arwyn’s reaction to Kai killing Cole would’ve hurt Kai as well. Like it wouldn’t only be guilt and regret over Cole’s death and the pain it cause Arwyn, but real agony of –she’ll-never-even-look-or-talk-to-me-again. On a side note- I find it so inspiring how he’s kept these feelings buried for so long yet managed to hold things together with his usual determination and sass and still treat Arwyn normally. Kudos to ya, Kai!
Also the line; “Cole thought I was the only one brutal enough to get it done…” coupled with Kai’s certainty that Arwyn wouldn’t believe he only attempted it because Cole asked him…. was just so heartbreaking! As is the idea that Kai now has to live with the knowledge that he fully attempted to kill Cole, and would’ve, if Arwyn hadn’t pulled Cole away. Its gonna take a long time for that to begin healing…
I totally totally love this fic- like words can’t describe how much. Its well-written, with solid and inspiring characters, unique conflicts and mythologies all of its own. Hope you’re proud of it, coz you should be! All the best ( soz for the speech),
4/20/2017 c26 3Firelce
Man, Zane was pure criminal in this chapter. XD

I'm looking forward to that Kai and Cole chapter!
Good writing as per usual ;)

I hope you're well :)
4/17/2017 c26 19The Mayor of Ninjago City
Oh, AaC! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your stories! And I LOVE this chapter! How I wish I was Arwyn! :D And I love how Cole relates to little Lloyd - very sweet!
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