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5/19/2018 c17 25linkjames24
Go Fremea! Hehe. Be a hero Kouta you know you want to~ Oh Gunha! I wonder where Ayumi's at. Such excitement! Kouta vs Ayumi? Yes please.

Not bad story. The final fight was a bit of a letdown but eh, oh well. Good one overall.
5/19/2018 c16 linkjames24
Agitation Confliction? Is it related to Agitate Halation by chance? Love the normal day the three have. How convenient they all live in the same house. Gosh. These three are wonderful together. I am feeling the excitement only the final chapters can give me. Oh boy hope the ending is worth it. It's Agitate Halation holy shit! Nice!
5/19/2018 c15 linkjames24
Cute how Gunha bought Ayumi that hat. Misaki! Gunha's aware of Misaki's true appearance. Level 5's amirite. Ugh. Why are Level 5's so entertaining? More of that please! Oh lol Kouta actually wore the hat? Why? Haha. Love the demonstration of Misaki's powers. Just having the Level 5's display their powers is amazing. Ah, love the conversation right now.

Nice ending!
5/19/2018 c14 linkjames24
Like the discussion about Misaki and her powers. Proved the point when Kouta described her wrong. Asshole Kouta's gotta asshole. Oh well. I'm more enamored with Ayumi. Have her be the main character instead. At least she knows what she is.
5/19/2018 c13 linkjames24
The misunderstanding between teacher and Kouta's funny. Oh Misaki. Nice. A little bias but she's one of my favorite characters. Well, I like all of them, really. But some more than others and she's entertaining. Wow. It's just like Gunha to stand atop the Windowless Building.

Dude it's so not fun having to guess the viewpoint characters. I thought this was Kouta until (s)he? was wearing a skirt? What's up with that? Stick to third person if you're gonna have multiple viewpoint characters. Helps avoid confusion. Or if it's first person just stick to one. Come on.
5/19/2018 c12 linkjames24
Yay Misaki! Too much talking not enough things happening.
5/19/2018 c11 linkjames24
I didn't even know whose viewpoint this was until a third way through. Mind putting names at the start of the chapter? It's frustrating playing the guessing game.
5/17/2018 c10 linkjames24
This is so good. Why can't she be the main viewpoint character instead? Better than Kouta that's for sure.
5/17/2018 c9 linkjames24
Interesting. That was nice, having Kouta lose. Could've used a more eloquent asshole but eh.
5/17/2018 c8 linkjames24
Can't care less about Touma's peanut gallery. Why even feature them when the main character of this story doesn't interact with them much? I prefer Kouta spending time with Gunha and Ayumi. Please just more of that. It's wonderful.
5/17/2018 c7 linkjames24
There we go. Now that is a chapter. Got tired of all the fillers. Thank goodness we're back to a story I can appreciate. Hope for more of Academy City's Dark Side and less of... Whatever the screaming contest Gunha and Kouta had.
5/17/2018 c6 linkjames24
Why's Carissa the acting representative when she's detained in a cell in her own country. The Queen gave her the choice to pardon, which she declined so she's in a dungeon somewhere and only shows up during times of crisis. She's not a free woman.

Interested in Katsuo Tenge. Feels like a jock. Don't care for Haratani though. Just another waste of space unless, hopefully, he's an antagonist in the making? Yes, I shall hope so.
5/17/2018 c5 linkjames24
Touma's the best part of this chapter.
5/17/2018 c4 linkjames24
Chapter where nothing happened. Wonderful.
5/17/2018 c3 linkjames24
Guessing the Kihara's are distributing information regarding Gunha's defeat. That vending machine lawl. Skimming through the crybaby's monologue. Don't care about his problems. Hello Hamazura. That's how you do drama. Compared to that badass Level zero this guy's a real loser.
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