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for Alan Meets Parker

2/10/2019 c1 Guest
10/30/2018 c1 Guest
Nice story! :)
1/5/2018 c1 30Fenix Uzumaki
Loved the story! Great job! :)
5/9/2015 c1 Guest
for now? you mean there'll be more of this? I hope so!
4/23/2014 c1 62room-on-broom
Ha this is brilliant, I love the interaction between them :)
3/15/2014 c1 Guest
Nice story, enjoyed it very much!
3/7/2014 c1 Elsa Jay
Parker didn't try to impress or control Alan, yet he managed to do both by being himself.
Lovely story, well done.
3/6/2014 c1 73JOTRACY123
Loved it but I found that Jeff was a bit hard on Alan but well done xx
3/5/2014 c1 4kattfan12001
I like the story. Can wait to see more from you.
3/5/2014 c1 12beadbird
Very, very cute story! I love how Jeff thinks he's making Alan behave, but he didn't realize the wonderful things Parker would be able to teach the lad! Thanks for the smiles, TBMom.
3/5/2014 c1 85Sad-Blue-Eyed-Angel 2010
That was a cute story...loved it.

I think it's funny that Alan really only liked Parker as a babysitter.

I love your stories and can't wait to see what else you come up with.

Sad-Blue-Eyed-Angel 2010

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