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12/24/2022 c61 KoyomiSama
Ohhh this is really really good. I hope you're dong well and that you're able to pick it back up one day :)
9/24/2021 c61 2Cyrianu
Little surprised at Elsa allowing Rapunzel to hug her at the start, that doesn't really seem to mesh with where Elsa was at with her in the story so far. Love the chapter, really great read. Rapunzel's right about Elsa needing to follow her dreams. She can still head the company and do architecture at the same time if she so decides.
9/23/2021 c60 Cyrianu
Welcome back, loving the update. Given GoGo's perception of Anna, I can understand her desire to express her protectiveness of the team - it's only fair. At least Wasabi looks to be trying to keep things civil between them. Really love the domestic scene with Elsa and Anna after she gets "home" from work.
9/23/2021 c57 Cyrianu
They're both right here about not being fully open with each other, finally it's getting discussed. Upsetting perhaps, but also likely cathartic to get it off their chests.
9/23/2021 c56 Cyrianu
Good to see that Jane's willing to help, and willing to help Anna as will (provided she'll let her). Oh Elsa, you've suffered through so much in your mere 23 years. Yet you need to try to stop listening to that dark voice in your head, realize that Anna really is just trying to help you and not get rid of you or get you locked up.
9/23/2021 c55 Cyrianu
Probably not a bad idea to get an idea of what Jane's like first, to be fair - if the person was slovenly in any way, Elsa would likely not take them seriously.
9/23/2021 c53 Cyrianu
Anna's worry here is understandable, but as Rapunzel said (and she already figured) it's best to just be up front with Elsa and talk to her about Jane before doing anything.
9/23/2021 c52 Cyrianu
Very nice chapter. Little shocked that only Meg picked up on Anna's meaning, but more so that it took the further attempts to convey the message in such a blunt fashion. Glad they're all so supportive. Great to see Anna confiding in Aurora (/knocks on wood that it won't be an issue later/), and that Aurora was able to provide a psychiatrists' info.
9/23/2021 c51 Cyrianu
Really cute chapter, love Elsa taking the initiative on saying "I love you" casually. Glad the girls aren't too upset with Anna. And Tiana definitely put Anna on the spot, big time.
9/23/2021 c50 Cyrianu
A sweet, yet painful, domestic scene. Lovely. Good to see Elsa realize that she needs other things besides just love to help address her issues.
9/23/2021 c49 Cyrianu
Well, we knew Anna needed to catch up with her Mirror, Mirror co-workers at some point, though it's going to be interesting trying to explain coming out of SII without disclosing her assignment. The doctor was kind enough to offer help, but also should perhaps have realized that when Elsa started breathing like that that perhaps it wasn't a good idea to try to press the situation any further either.
9/23/2021 c48 Cyrianu
Honey Lemon seems perhaps a bit suspicious of Anna here after the hesitation with the forms to sign. Ha... yes, yes they do - but it's not the one you're referring to, is it, Fiske?
9/23/2021 c47 Cyrianu
First foray into the lions' den. At least some of the people are friendly, and GoGo... well, she was GoGo.
9/22/2021 c46 Cyrianu
Cute chapter, love the simple domestic moments.
9/22/2021 c45 Cyrianu
Love how Elsa and Anna had completely different ideas of what to do, poor Anna. :) And Eugene and Rapunzel, well we knew that was going to be a thing.
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