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8/3/2015 c43 5Claire Cooper
Well if you want a disney based character to Role as a psychiatrist I've been reading a lot of stories and a lot of people use different characters. But hear me out when I suggest this one.

I want you to use Genie from Aladdin. Mainly because his voice actor had to go through some serious amounts of depression to get as far as he did before he-.. well you know. But I think Genie would be among one of the best to choose as a psychiatrist cause I can see him really being able to warm up to Elsa and vice/versa.

However if you want others there is also: The elder Troll Pabbie (Who everyone uses), Milo from Atlantis, Rafiki would also be interesting human or not, Fah Zu (Mulan's father I think that was how is name is spelt)

I'm not very good with coming up with characters xD
8/3/2015 c43 Kyoko-nyaa
waaaa it's good that Anna told to Elsa about Mr. Fiske. Baymax fits to be a psychiatrist but he's a robot.
8/2/2015 c43 3Dafaril
How about Professor Porter (Tarzan) as the psychiatrist?
8/2/2015 c43 IronTailPikachu
Oooohhhhhhhhh! I can totally imagine Jane (from Tarzan) being a psychiatrist
8/2/2015 c43 Angela3000
I hope you aren't too busy when classes start I know how life gets in the way sometimes anyways your ever faithful reader patiently awaits the next chapter
7/30/2015 c37 28lycan13
I was thinking pushing him into a wood chipper and telling the cops he fell would be more appropriate
7/30/2015 c22 lycan13
Well that's one way to do it
7/30/2015 c20 lycan13
I expected video chat to come up
I think Rapunzel being around will help Elsa get used to people
7/28/2015 c1 Step one Fail
In your description the line 'Can Anna help Else concur her fear?'

Try replacing concur with conquer; most readers will just gloss over your story if you fail to show a solid understanding of the language in the description.
7/29/2015 c5 lycan13
Don't answer this, but I think Elsa is a rape victim and, judging from the summary, Anna might be to
7/29/2015 c42 Selinosense
Okay, so I was scrolling through Frozen fanfics a few days ago and saw this one with hundreds of reviews and I thought, "this is interesting..." and when I saw the 42 chapters, I was like "awww yisssss!" Now, three days and 42 gripping chapters later, I can say that this was one of the most passionate, successful, and best fanfics I've ever read. (The most is still r9k Elsa is suffering but this is easily top 5). If I can make a suggestion, I would recommend if you get a writing parter to help you develop the story. Someone you can bounce ideas off and help correct spelling (you know you can benefit from it! :). It wouldn't hurt and maybe it would be nice to have a second opinion when you're writing. I love all your AN's and it helps let the readers feel connected with you, like you're a person and not a robot just writing stories willy-nilly (or should I say, a SHITTY robot! Hehe). You're story is full of emotion, character, makes complete sense, and just makes you love it so much. It makes you cringe at the embarrassing moments, smile at all the nice ones, frown at all the sad ones, and laugh at the humorous ones. I'm gonna stop here before I write an essay, but I just want to say you're an amazing author and I simply cannot wait until the next update. I don't know if you'll read this, but knowing how much you value your readers' opinions, I have a good feeling you will. Peace and good luck with the story! I hope Hans gets hit with a truck, and somehow survive and get hit with another truck on the way out the hospital! Wouldn't that be an ending? :D
7/28/2015 c42 ModernOrchestra
She should definitely tell her. It will only damage the relationship even more if Anna tries not to involve her; it's Elsa's rival company, after all. She has a right to know. Another amazing chapter, by the way :)
7/27/2015 c42 Kyoko-nyaa
This is a cute chapter. Glob. Anna should definitely tell to Elsa about Hans and everything. No more secrets.
7/24/2015 c42 Guest
No more secrets between them
7/24/2015 c42 Guest
In my opinion yes Anna should tell Elsa about everything going on they are in a relationship and need to share and Elsa could possibly help but Anna needs someone to know where she is in case something were to happen so yes yes yes Anna needs to tell Elsa the entire story and then they need to make out heavily Elsa needs to experience 3rd base
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