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9/20/2021 c28 2Cyrianu
Elsa definitely needed Rapunzel's style of 'tough love' here. Much easier for an outsider to do than the person who's in a fresh relationship with the other person. Once Elsa got past her initial anxiety of being put on the spot by Weselton, she did a great job of taking charge of the meeting which was really good to see.
9/20/2021 c27 Cyrianu
Such a touchy situation, trying to balance being supportive, understanding Elsa's feelings, yet also knowing that the boundaries need to be pushed in order to make any progress (and in order to help keep the company from being devoured).
9/20/2021 c26 Cyrianu
Such an amazing chapter, the surprises were really sweet and thoughtful (and full of feels, per your warning). :) I really like how you fit the first kiss in, and kept it as a tender moment.
9/20/2021 c25 Cyrianu
I love Anna's known plans for the date, sounds like a great way for them to spend time together as a new couple.
9/20/2021 c24 Cyrianu
Awww... poor, disappointed Anna. That would definitely hurt with no advance explanation. Elsa's definitely got some growing and learning to do when it comes to differentiating her mental OCD/anxiety blocks from her emotionally triggered responses. Nice to see Rapunzel and Elsa getting along well, Elsa definitely needs somebody to talk to, even if it's the same person Anna usually has to talk to about the same things.
9/20/2021 c23 Cyrianu
Devious, indeed. Oh, Elsa... Rapunzel just told you that Anna loved you and you still ran to hide thinking she'd want nothing to do with you. Poor girl. Anna's confession was so heartfelt, especially with her admitting to her own troubled past (as was briefly touched upon by Rapunzel). Love the end, them just being content with each other.
9/20/2021 c22 Cyrianu
Smart move on Anna's part to be cagey about Hans' questions, especially given the seeming over-interest in who the lucky party is after having just been shot down himself. Good that she glimpsed the CC as well - useful info to have for future, that. Highly devious Rapunzel, there. And with these two, who knows how much longer they would have put off telling each other how they actually feel (and then possibly denying their own feelings when confessed to depending on who fessed up first).
9/20/2021 c21 Cyrianu
Sorry, I'm with Anna... even if it is that exclusive of a chocolate, you'd think Anna's feelings would have a higher weight on Elsa's decision making than some chocolate. Eugene, paranoid much? However, lol at him catching Anna's slip and poking some fun at the end. Ah, Hans... karma's being pro-active this time, is it?
9/20/2021 c20 Cyrianu
Great that Elsa was able to push her boundaries a little further here, and hopefully it leads to a good way to _help_ solve the takeover problem. Rapunzel knows what's going down, even if the two haven't actually stated their feelings to each other yet.
9/20/2021 c19 Cyrianu
Good to see Phillips backing Anna on the story, and the excitement of her co-workers about the story as well. Love Elsa's mental slip about Anna being home. So cute. Anna's ability to motivate Elsa and make her realize the progress she has made (albeit only with Anna) is great as well.
9/20/2021 c18 Cyrianu
Loving playful Elsa, too cute for words. Anna picking up a MAJOR scoop there, good on her - especially her knowledge regarding chemical waste disposal and environmental effects thereof. Good to see Phillips be honest with her about his concerns, hope the later argument isn't too strong between the girls.
9/20/2021 c17 Cyrianu
Again the painful memories, but at least this time Elsa didn't go too deeply down the rabbit whole into her own psyche, only trying to push Anna away. Love the interactions in the latter portion here so much, it's utterly adorable how these two behave around each other. And Hans again... /sigh/
9/20/2021 c16 Cyrianu
Such a painful memory for Elsa to have to relive in her nightmares, and then suffering through the feeling of not being able to get the non-existent blood off her hands/arms in the hear and now is terrible. Thanks goodness Anna's there for her, especially with this latest news.
9/20/2021 c15 Cyrianu
That's a rough read. Poor Elsa and Olaf both, both in the flashback and the here and now.
9/20/2021 c14 Cyrianu
Absolutely lovely. The perceptiveness of and teasing by Anna's co-workers is sweet. Good that Elsa apologized for her outburst, but at least Anna recognized it as not intended to be rude/mean. Loved the mirroring of Anna trying to get Elsa's attention out of her thoughts to Aurora trying to get Anna's attention out of her own. Not poor Olaf...
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