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9/20/2021 c13 2Cyrianu
This scene between Anna and Elsa is so amazingly cute. The 'please come out of the closet' and subsequent reactions were just too good. Glad to see Elsa recovered quicker once they were sitting at the bed, and was even able to make light of the situation with some humour. And Hans reveals his true colours, finally... /sigh/
9/20/2021 c12 Cyrianu
Very good of Anna to keep Elsa's secret, especially given the conversation between Elsa and Weselton that led up to the incident to begin with - really don't need that getting out. Glad the girls are so supportive of her, despite her intent to continue with the date with Hans, but Aurora was right about Anna there. Love that final scene - definitely has Anna rethinking things, particularly with the 'Hans who?' comment.
9/17/2021 c11 Cyrianu
Oh, Kristoff, you're in for a rough ride there... Also, waking her up like that seems like a REALLY bad idea. Poor Elsa with her self-doubt/depression on top of everything else, isn't it bad enough to have to deal with the OCD and germ-phobic nature without that as well...
9/17/2021 c10 Cyrianu
Utterly loving the combination of teasing, stolen glances, banter, and interactions between them here. Elsa's definitely getting more comfortable which is really nice to see. Elsa's crushing HARD, even if she's too oblivious (likely just not worldly enough in that regard) to realize it.
9/17/2021 c9 Cyrianu
Love the Bambi and Simba comparisons, they seem quite apt in the moment. Sad that Elsa tried to distract from discussing what happened the day before, but at least Anna was gentle (yet firm) in making sure it was something they would discuss, even if not right then. Great to see them getting along so well here. I remember it gets a little rocky at a couple of points, but I'm really enjoying the re-read.
9/17/2021 c8 Cyrianu
Elsa's anger is understandable at Hans' family trying to take over/destroy everything her father built. Sad to see her injure herself in the fit of anger, however. Glad to see that Elsa let Anna take care of her, though seems she was likely at least partially in shock due to her lack of reactions. Love Anna's butterflies in the stomach - the obliviousness is strong with this one. : )
9/17/2021 c7 Cyrianu
Olaf's secret about Elsa is very telling, not that we didn't already know she was interested in meeting (and after meeting her, attracted to) Anna. Wish Aurora luck with her relationship, that's got to be a rough situation for her. Loving the inclusion of Oaken, he's such a great fit for the roles you have him in here. Hans being very Hans here... /smh/.
9/16/2021 c6 Cyrianu
I feel bad for both girls here - Anna for not knowing what happened as she wasn't given any useful information by Kristoff or Olaf before walking into the apartment, and Elsa for suffering through the crippling anxiety. But, as well all know, Anna's not one to give up easily and when presented with a challenge she rises to the occasion. Good to see Kristoff sharing some useful details (even if belatedly so).
9/16/2021 c5 Cyrianu
OMG this was ridiculously cute and funny. Love it so very much. The attraction here is definitely mutual and strong. Good to see a lighter side of Elsa come out with Anna's 'word vomit' rambling here.
9/16/2021 c4 Cyrianu
Glad Anna's new co-workers are such friendly people,so welcoming to her, and willing to advise without trying to force the issue (as that only ends badly). Love the addition and portrayal of Oaken, fits really well. And Anna finally meets Elsa - definitely some attraction right off the bat with how she reacted to the sight of her.
9/16/2021 c3 Cyrianu
'To date a dick', at least I recall how that turns out. Elsa trying to play it cool, but Olaf knowing what she actually wants is a cute interaction; and at least Olaf knows that Elsa's not being mean for the sake of it. "No mommy that's my unicorn..." was super funny. I'm curious as to Anna's rationale for initially turning down Olaf's request.
9/15/2021 c2 Cyrianu
That's very Olaf, lol. Poor Anna though, being subjected to the unexpected contact with her undisclosed (albeit seemily easily deduced) trauma.
9/15/2021 c1 Cyrianu
Not the best way to have been introduced to Kristoff, but at least he's watching out for the people Hans tries to sucker. Like the descriptors picked for Hans though.
6/8/2021 c61 Guest
hopefully you're ok and you will come back and update soon!
5/26/2021 c61 Guest
i really hope you qnd your family are safe and healthy. During these sad and stressful times your story gives me comfort and i really cannot wait for the next update
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