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5/15/2015 c1 397Fire The Canon
So I haven't read much about this pairing, but I can see why people would like them as a couple. When I first started reading the books I thought they would end up together, haha! Your Albus and him sending flowers and knowing she would be up and wanting to escort her to breakfast is very Albus-like. I commend you for getting is characterisation well. He's hard to get right.

I have just a grammar thing to point out, for I used to make the same error and no one ever pointed it out to me. When using dialogue, when you follow on with 'he said' and the kind, you need to use a comma. For example, "I like owls" Albus said should be "I like owls," Albus said. I hope that helps!

Oh, and funny you should mention Pomona and Filius together. I just found out today that JKR confirmed they were in a relationship.
3/6/2014 c1 1QuaffingWords
Check your grammar and add a bit of substance to it, besides that it's pretty good

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