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for The Ice Behind Bars

2/25/2022 c1 Cara
Hi, me again. I decided to read this FF again. I couldn't find any other Frozen FF as good as this, so I decided to read it again. You must've read my reviews from before. But there are things I forgot to talk about...
2/7/2022 c58 Cara
Two years to write! *Whistles* Glad that EVERYTHING is back to normal... feels strange to be honest... and, well, Branphodite is a thing now! Hey! What about Krisanna? I was expecting them to tell their feelings. See Flynn hasn't come back... :(... And WAIT, WHAT!? Rapunzel's PREGNANT?! DOES THAT MEAN THAT FLYNN AND RAPUNZEL ARE MARRIED?! (Well, of course their married, like in the movie, but...) THEY'RE MARRIED?! Well, I'm officially a fan of yours. Can't wait to read your other Frozen Fanfics - and your bo
2/6/2022 c57 Cara
I'm crying, I'm crying now! I really am! Please - Flynn - Elsa too?! No! No! No! I don't think Flynn will come back - not anymore! But Elsa! She HAS to come back! Please! This can't be...!
2/6/2022 c56 Cara
Tears, tears, tears... I'm crying...!
2/6/2022 c55 Cara
I'm crying... the tears are forming. I'm traumatized... heart... taken... from... his chest!?
2/6/2022 c54 Cara
Well, I was hoping - and still hoping - the King Jamie would come to his senses when he sees his 'diseased' sister. I see trouble ahead. Well, Anna, your about to build a Snowman with your sister after all this time... (Crap).
2/6/2022 c53 Cara
No... NO! Flynn can't be dead! Okay, okay... now I'm crying... now I'm crying... He'll come back, right?... Like in Tangled... right? Right?! Right!? No... And Elsa... Oh, no. King Jamie, you****! What have you done to her!? She's gonna kill Anna... freeze her heart - like in the movie! But of course she'll turn good again and Happy Ending! You know, there are two characters missing in the movie. One is Olaf. Sure he appeared as a life-less snowman... and an ant... but still missing him. He probably can't come in this since this is a little too violent for... well... a walking, talking snowman. And Hans. The villain. Not there either. Hey, Frozen won't be 'Frozen' without him, right? Right? But anyway, doesn't matter if he is or is not. But... Flynn'll come back, right?... Right?
2/6/2022 c52 Cara
Oh... my... god. That! That Son of a****! My heart ripped in two when I read about how depressed and anguished everyone was! I wondered what happened to Rapunzel and Flynn since they were last mentioned a few Chapters ago. Is Flynn really... dead? No...
2/6/2022 c51 Cara
Elsa knows! Elsa knows! But she's in trouble! Oh, I wish I could jump in and save her!

Anna remembers! Anna remembers! My heart ripped in two while reading her memories! She remembers! 8 more chapters to go!
2/6/2022 c50 Cara
I have a few things to say:

1. When you said Catherine was assassinated, I couldn't believe it myself! But after she saved Anna and Kristoff... I started to wonder... could it be? And lo and behold! I was right!

2. I couldn't believe what Elsa did! WTH!? It's still her! But the potion... Side Effects!? And the song... I nearly... nearly cried.

3. "Jamie..." WTH!? He's there! Tyler ratted everyone out! TYLEERRR! Oh, no... They're all doomed.
2/6/2022 c49 Cara
WTH?! Were they talking about Queen Aphrodite?! I'm starting to wonder... did that POTION Diana give have any SIDE AFFECTS? Coz if it did, that could explain Elsa's "Evil Break-outs".
2/6/2022 c48 Cara
Well, Elsa and Aiden are bonding. Yet, the people don't really trust her anymore. SHE killed Dave and Louis. But it wasn't really HER. Tyler's in trouble. That's what he gets for trying to rat "The Snow Queen" out. But still, poor Tyler...
2/6/2022 c47 Cara
Oh, my god! Elsa's Dark Side! "Two of them"? Is he talking about Elsa's dark side?
2/5/2022 c45 Cara
What... was that E-Elsa?!
2/5/2022 c44 Cara
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