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2/15 c32 1Laggianput
How did I just realize digett and dugtrio are sociopaths

Also you killed azelf. Interesting. What about the limestone cavern ditto?
2/15 c30 Laggianput
This guy just casually kills bidoof. Ok
2/15 c29 Laggianput
2/15 c23 Laggianput
OK... are the dungeons a sort of portal between MD world and mainline world? That would be guild sunflora rescuing fluffy, and since sunflower mentioned mystery dungeons, it would mean she knows about them making her MD sunflora
2/15 c21 Laggianput
OK, so mystery dungeons are forming in johto...

I have no clue what the chronological order of this is, but it's getting really interesting
2/15 c11 Laggianput
2/14 c4 Laggianput
These chapters are giving me mental whiplash
2/14 c1 Laggianput

confusion aside, this is good so far.
9/16/2020 c12 3Aurastar Warrior
is flame a boy in this world I keep reading he
9/10/2020 c45 ilRaichu
This is one of the most unique PMD Explorers/HGSS fanfics I have ever read. You managed to blend really well both games and their respective characters. I think it is one of the darkest ones also, and in the best of senses. It really deals very well themes of depression, distrust and PTSD, and how some people have really rough times managing them. I am really looking foward to how you will finish the story. Until then, be safe and happy! You have written something really good!
7/25/2020 c42 4Miner7365
Oh my god you mad-man.

Well, uh... I'll be back. In a while. Time for some spring re-reading!
3/27/2020 c41 PichuAlt3
Well, I certainly would have liked to read the ending - it's a big shame that this cut off right at the end.

I still enjoyed it, though.
3/25/2020 c40 PichuAlt3
I'm noticing a pattern between Explorers-trio fanfics - Chatot tends to die. I personally am not a fan of this.

Otherwise a good rendition of Brine Cave. It's a shame the rest of this will never be written, I liked it for the most part.
2/17/2020 c30 PichuAlt3
I'm not really a fan of deaths that don't significantly change the plot, personally - the only thing that changes with Bidoof dying is that scene itself and then his absence, which as a minor character doesn't change a lot. I feel like completely skipping that scene wouldn't have left anything out of the chapter.

This brings me to a question - what was your reason for choosing to kill off Bidoof? Is it important in a later chapter, or just an emotional scene in the moment? Or perhaps another reason? Any time I see a design choice I disagree with I always wonder what the creator's reasoning is.
2/4/2020 c15 PichuAlt3
I guess this is less a review of the chapter and more a review of the disclaimer, but really? People got mad at you for writing a character saying there's something wrong with homosexuality? It's not like a writer and his/her characters always share the same views - you writing about murders doesn't make people label you as a terrorist, but an interaction involving some aspect of lgbt and suddenly they project that on you?

Not getting into my own viewpoints because they're controversial and it's entirely unrelated to your story, but wow, as soon as a character in a story has any hint of thinking homosexuality is wrong people call you homophobic? Unbelievable.

On a less rant-about-a-situation-that-doesn't-even-affect-me note, the story thus far is still good. I'm not sure that I like the idea of the villainous team savagely murdering on a basis of essentially racism, seems a little to extreme for me to really enjoy, but on the other hand I could absolutely see something like this - if a select handful of people had what were basically superpowers I could see some of them banding together and going on a power trip on defenseless people for fun - nobody ever seems to tackle the evil-because-I'm-evil type of villain because it's often a mark of a bad story better suited for an action movie, and as such if you played it right it could potentially be something unique, and everything else says you're good at writing and telling a story.
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