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for Shirayuki and Ayanami

4/10/2018 c9 Guest
Yuki walks and trips accidentally when Labrador caughts her as he had for seen that Eve would come. He asked yuki some polite questions when he notices she can't see then off to dinner when Labrador introduce castor who connent Frau n teito is late again. Suddenly mikage occupied yuki head and teito amazed at his friend liked the girl inquiries who is she n they meet
5/12/2014 c9 Emma
This is awesome i love it!
3/15/2014 c6 17Mademoiselle Snowflake
Hello :D
Your story is very good, I've liked it a lot until now. I also like the way you change the one who's telling the story, it makes things more understandable and interesting :) I especially like Yuki's character and I was a bit sad when Hyuuga just killed Yuki's friend, I'd have liked to see the friend a bit more... I'm anxiously waiting to see more, it's been long since I've read a good OC story like this since my favorite one just stopped and I haven't heard anything about the author in a long time...
By the way, I recommend that you'd divide the chapters into smaller paragraphs, it'd make the story much more enjoyable, since a wall of text can be really hard to read and follow... Also, it would make the story even easier to read if you started a new paragraph when a person says something (but if the person says something and you tell who says it and then the same person continues talking straight after without no one talking in between, you can keep the talking in the same paragraph ;D), that way it becomes more clear to understand who is talking.
Please keep going, you are a good writer! :D
3/10/2014 c1 7MysteryPT
Yello! Your story is quite interesting and I'm looking forward to read more.
But, can you please make the story into pargraphs? It's quite confusing reading all of it in one paragraph where there's many-many chats and things. It confuses me..
Thank you :)

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