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8/27 c21 7Blu3b3rryT3a
Aw, Avery is trying hard to not screw up!
Lol, I love the vibe between Matt and Avery, they're such awkward flirty buddies.
I feel like Peggy would give Avery a much-needed confidence boost: or at least ways to be more confident.
Tony and Steve are trying but they suck at communicating emotionally and Avery is the reason they're even trying and it's wonderful~!
Best of luck!
7/29 c21 PrincessMagic
aww wow, still loving this fic!
7/2 c21 drainednerves
Naww, I mean I know this was going to be StevexAvery but her and Matt have infinetely more chemistry! Great chapter
7/2 c21 10zikashigaku
Hehehe oh I really enjoyed their dynamic though I am kinda sad it didn’t work out. xD I love Avery’s banter and I’m looking forward to see how her investigation goes. And no Matt, she’s not gonna wait three weeks hahaha
7/2 c21 1Lady Shagging Godiva
I loved this chapter. I had missed Avery. Kind of bummed it didn't work out with Avery and Matt, for that I'm rooting for her and Cap. I just really like your character dynamics.
6/27 c20 redruby8
Is it just me or is the same chapter being posted every time you update?
6/20 c7 areaderslist
Meh. Kinda tired of Avery, for someone who so far seems to be a slave or a tool for SHIELD she is too okay with being used. Why does she wanna stick around and be involve with the plot? Why doesn't she complains or tries to get away? At the very least we should have gotten a conversation about it.

Her, what? Naivety or lack of drive makes her be nothing more than a self insert into the story creating nothing of value. Theres a lot not to like about the MC and very little to look forward to in the story, she has no purpose or desire for now.
6/17 c1 Angelicsailor
I honestly would be crying angry tears this kinda shit gets me so upset Fury is actually such a shitty person
5/21 c24 10zikashigaku
I love Avery hahaha. Ah she’s gone through so much. I’m liking her relationship with Matt and I like that it’s not instant romance with probably the main ship which I’m assuming will be Steve. I like that Avery is having a test run of relationships with Matt he is one of my favorites in Marvel Universe. The fact he teases her about her attraction to him is adorable and entertaining lol.
5/4 c24 1Sensitive.hoe
Great to see that you’re back and doing well. I re read this whole story again before getting to the new chapter for a refresher and let me just say it’s even better this time around.

At first I was unsure about the aged up peter but I feel like he fits in a lot better with the current cast, his annoying brother-sister relationship with Avery is so relatable I love it.

Really excited to read what happened with this mission and for her to have more bonding time with Thor. Will Avery be involved at all in IM3 I love her relationship with Tony and was hoping she’d have a cameo or something (I always found it strange how none of the other avengers showed up to help)

Another thing it says that this was updated 15hrs ago but I can’t see another chapter is this a glitch?

Anyways best wishes to you and see you next chapter xxx
4/30 c15 1Dezzal
This is honestly just boring. It’s the avengers movie. Nothing has changed even down to what they say. So I’m going to skip ahead a few chapters and if things aren’t changed even a little then this is just a bust
4/16 c30 A Random Friend
I’m loving this story!
4/12 c30 2Pun Queen
*checks for last update*
*Nearly 10 days ago*
Ahhh please update soon! I love this story so much!
4/12 c29 Pun Queen
This is some big Stupid energy she's radiating...
4/7 c30 4Wynter Phoenix
Lovely chapter!
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