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12/5/2021 c32 2AndTheSaintsAreAllMadeOfGold
I stopped reading this quite some time ago because I really couldn't remember what previously happened and I couldn't remember from the story summary. But I have reread the entire thing and man, i just now realised why Mandi is so funny. CAT MANDU. It took me way too long, but so worth it. I love how Tony is such a mentor figure to both Peter and Avery.
I dont think I will forget about it ever again and I so look forward to the rest.
11/29/2021 c32 1CrackHeadBlonde
Awh! I love the thought of Thor and Steve sparring just like endlessly hahah that’s funny! And lots of feelings for our buddy Steve! I’m excited to see them all develop! And fingers crossed we actually see Matt and Peter interact in NWH!
11/26/2021 c32 6Wonderwomanbatmanfan
Tony being a cat dad is everything, and I smiled and let out a big laugh that Tony made him a Iron Cat suit, I can picture Mandu just floating in air doing little kicks here and there and even meow every now and then. I wonder what Avery's reaction of her cat with a Suit. What did Avery and Loki talk about? Please update soonD
11/22/2021 c31 1CrackHeadBlonde
Awh I’m glad her and Frigga are bonding! I’d love for her to spend more time with Steve “awash with golden light” hahah I loved that statement. And I see she’s
Making a litttleee progress with her powers! I’m excited to see why Loki summoned her!
11/20/2021 c31 2Lady Shagging Godiva
I love Frigga here.
11/20/2021 c31 Eennio
glad you are back! can’t wait for more
9/23/2021 c30 monkeybaby
Nice chapter!
9/22/2021 c25 1PrincessMagic
ooh! funnY!
9/21/2021 c1 2Ookami-Hunter
Please update when you can. This is a great story.
9/18/2021 c30 Guest
Love this chapter!
6/26/2021 c29 Katie MacAlpine
If anyone knows anything about writers, deadlines are vague reference points. You got the chapter to us and we will see the next one when you finish it. (Just hurry up about it!)
6/26/2021 c29 10zikashigaku
I can only imagine Steve’s wonder of Asgard once he’s able to calm down and sees Avery is safe. And yeeees~ you stand up to Odin Steve! Lol
6/26/2021 c29 1SherlockedHeart
Sooo I love this. I am really excited for the whole "throuple" thing you mentioned in a note a few chapters ago - I don't know why, but I really enjoy these types of relationships in fanfiction. Unfortunately (in my opinion anyway), they are far and few between and usually are there for smutty reasons. Don't get me wrong, smut is fun, but I want that character development yo. I think it just introduces a really interesting dynamic between characters - and Steve and Bucky already have such an interesting relationship in their history to draw from.

Avery is wonderfully written and moves seamlessly into the story, even though she's OC. I really feel she has a place among the the pre-established universe, without feeling like she is overriding the other characters' autonomy. Looking forward to the next chapter :)
6/26/2021 c29 4lizyeh2000
Thanks for updating! Yay she’s meeting her aunt
6/26/2021 c29 drainednerves
So we're in Asgard! That's exciting :D
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