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12/6/2016 c22 4ReneeGoetz
Can I just say... omg I FLOVE Avery! She's so snarky and just... I mean real, you know? Kinda in love with this story. Can't wait to see where you take it!

12/6/2016 c22 Missanonne
I'm so glad for this new chapter :) and honestly, the fact that Avery realises how moody she's being makes it entirely bearable. Her added guilt onto her irritation makes her more sympathetic.
Loved seeing Matt! Would love more little cameos like that in future chapters :)
Thankyou and hope you're well xx
12/6/2016 c21 3Selenahaileen
Lol, I thought it'd be fun to mention that I've actually named one of our kittens after Mandu - and every time they ask the same question and it's so much fun. I love the story btw, it's great!
12/6/2016 c22 4Skendo
My theory - Asgardians age way way slower, so going by the idea that she is at least half Asgardian means that by 20 something years old in body, she is actually 15 years old in mind?!
Enjoying this story! Thanks for the update!
12/5/2016 c22 xoxo
Omg now Matt is here?! AND Peter and Darcy and ahhh this is great. Also I still adore Avery's snark.
11/28/2016 c21 3Barryium
Great story. I can't wait to delve more into her Asgardian backstory. Hopefully she'll get the chance to visit Asgard and find a handle on her powers.

I love that she'll actually be doing something productive in Stark Industries.

Update soon please!
11/19/2016 c21 3sapphire2994
Great chapter! I've really enjoyed this fanfiction so far! Are u going to include Coulson being alive? And also, are you going to explore Avery's Asgardian side a little bit more? I look forward to your next chapter!
11/9/2016 c21 1MandalorianPirate
Please continue! :-)
11/5/2016 c17 16Mistress Anko
I just don't see why she hasn't flat out told Cap America that she is being held against her will and Shield is spitting on everything he stood for by breaking their own laws and holding her prisoner. She did nothing wrong and I think she should be constantly telling everyone how unlawful Shield is being. That being said it is a really good story. I would just love for Shield to face some consequences for kidnapping, interrogating, and experimenting ( the drugs) on a civilian.
10/16/2016 c21 jenbt
I love, love this storyline! I can totally picture the banter between Avery and Tony. I love that Steve and Avery adopted a cat, and it goes with her book. So excited for the next chapter.
10/16/2016 c21 1ovenfreshh
So excited to see this updated! Love the cat, Mandu. Like might steal that idea if I ever get a cat. Tbd.
As always, the conversations between tony and Avery flow well and are v witty. Much banter. Fun to read. Can't wait for the next chapter Matt Murdock!
10/15/2016 c15 26SixPerfections
Well.. Im feeling mixed. On the one hand, you write pretty well and in a defnate entertaining manner, a huge plus for any story. Your character is also pretty interesting with an interesting power and curious origin. On the other hand we're almost to the end of the first Avengers movie and the introduction of your character has changed the plot by exactly zero percent. In the end she's had no meaningful impact whatsoever. For me this is a huge downer. Still gonna keep reading because the pluses are very strong but... just something to consider in any future writing I think.
10/15/2016 c12 SixPerfections
Well, she's a fucking idiot. How hard is it to stay focused on getting some answers? Instead she just got played and was completely useless. Disappointing really, I was hoping for some good canon divergence at this point. Oh well.
10/15/2016 c5 SixPerfections
She's going to interrogate Loki eventually isn't she? Damn I can't wait for that _
10/15/2016 c4 SixPerfections
Interesting. Fun. Not at all what I expected. Nice power too, love the dynamics, its enough to be dangerous and very useful but not exactly something that makes her any tougher than a regular civilian. Interesting for sure especially the social isolation it kinda leads into. Positive feelings so far, good job :)
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