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2/12/2021 c29 Guest
I heard very well of this story :) Anxiously waiting for you to finish it so i will read, thank you for all your hard work so far :D
1/3/2021 c29 RicSanchez8
Random question, where's Olaf? xD
12/5/2020 c29 7Tukuyomi
Whoo boy, things certainly took an interesting turn! I'm really curious as to what will happen now!
As always, great work, I particularly love your dialogues in this chapter, they seem really authentic and fitting. My only regret is that Anna and Elsa probably won't have s lot of alone-time from now on...
Still, awesome work, thanks for writing!
11/29/2020 c29 1KaytieJay
Wow, that was... interesting, to say the least. I may have to start over and re read the whole thing again. So, if memory serves me correctly, weren’t those chests filled with the gold they created? I hope we get another chapter soon, this is getting more complicated by the second.
10/29/2020 c29 0x15
The plot thickens!
Thanks, J, for continuing this story. It is fun watching your characters morph from black/white to shades of grey. I particularly like the politics vs science (knowledge), vs magic element and the fact that all of them are subject to human weaknesses.
Oh, and it's totally a blast reading the way you've weaved in other Disney stories.
What a ride! Looking forward to see how all this will work with your prologue and Elsa's vision with the trolls.
10/19/2020 c29 Love-Frozen
Hi...thank you for this chapter! This is the best Frozen fic, I cant wait to see more of this amazing story, thank you again and I hope you can update soon :)
10/20/2020 c29 miss.valeria20019480
Really interesting chapter, and story of course. I've been following this story since only two or three months, and I'm really happy you could update this masterpiece. Please, take care of yourself and in the meantime, if you can, please continue to delight us. Thank you and, I hope, see you soon!
8/29/2020 c28 220mniessence
Thank youuuuu for continuing this stiryyyyy looking forward to seeing what happens next!
8/25/2020 c28 stephler2020
please keep writing this epic story!
6/29/2020 c28 Kjaere-Solace
All caught up, and its heating up! Last chapter was a ride, the way you decided to pull this relationship together, was remarkably believable, and just as much touching. I now wait with excitement, for what may come.

Awesome read, this will be counted among my favorites, without a doubt.
6/25/2020 c18 Kjaere-Solace
Was it worth it?.. Absolutely!... Still felt well overdue. If it weren't so interwoven into the Arc it'd have been unbearable. Well played, and even more expertly delivered.
6/24/2020 c12 Kjaere-Solace
And you know it.. 'Reads AN'

I get it. But damn, it's almost disheartening.
6/24/2020 c11 Kjaere-Solace
Just got home from a lengthy work trip, and was able to power through some chapters. Being one of the first Frozen and Elsanna Fics I've had the pleasure of reading. The slow burn is terrible! In the best way. But still..

Akðar letter tore me apart! My god that was beautiful to read. I wasn't able to contain my tears to say it mildly.
6/17/2020 c3 Kjaere-Solace
I'm so fuckin' happy right now!
6/17/2020 c1 Kjaere-Solace
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