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for A Time For War

7/10/2020 c8 11Independent Dude
Good story.
4/5/2016 c9 5GamerDroid56
Hey I know that it's been awhile, but do you still plan to write the new version of this story or do you plan on abandoning it? I hope that you aren't going to abandon it.
8/20/2015 c8 Edward95
nice work,.
8/20/2015 c7 Edward95
nother nicly putogether chap
8/20/2015 c6 Edward95
nice work
8/20/2015 c5 Edward95
good work here
8/20/2015 c4 Edward95
good one
8/20/2015 c3 Edward95
good work.,
8/20/2015 c2 Edward95
good work
8/20/2015 c1 Edward95
good start
4/1/2015 c2 9Redemption's Avenger
Oh I like how you brought in the Night Caller.
3/1/2015 c2 6NightWithMoon
As far as I know transwarp requires a pre-made infrastructure... also I think the starwars hyperdrives can cross the galaxy in just a few weeks, so that would make them much superior to warp... You have to give the starwars galaxy some advantages!
8/17/2014 c9 10Spearhead
I really enjoyed this, I've been reading it for the past few days and my only complaint is that you skip so much possibly story telling. I think it's in about Chapter 3 when you skip roughly 6 months. You could've had so much happen in those 6 months. The Zeus providing humanitarian aid? The Zeus destroying Imperial military targets? Admiral Keys attending meetings with the Rebel leadership council? Keys' first battle with a force user? So many missed possibilities.
4/20/2014 c8 ljbrown1

I look forward to your future writings
4/18/2014 c8 10Just a Crazy-Man
Nicely done
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